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this is halloween!

This year I get to create/wear two costumes that excite me! My work settled on a zombie theme (think Disneyesque in regards to the zombies) and I’m going to rock a zombie hunter ensemble. Cosplaying as Alice from Resident Evil a few years back is going to come in mighty handy in that regards and I might give myself a cut on my chin that’s held together by staples. I am a badass zombie hunter. ;)

My costume for the outside of work festivities will be the Big Bad Wolf. I’ve got a grey dress, grey furry leggings, a tail and a faux leather biker jacket. All I need now are ears and some aviators. All big bads wear aviators. It’s like an unspoken rule.
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god help the girl

It's been a long time coming, but the first chapter is posted! (I'm sorta terrible at tagging if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment.). A shiny bit of art can be found here.

And now I must get back to writing. 
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we wish to welcome you to munchkin land

So apparently humming ‘Ding dong! The wicked witch is dead.” isn’t very inconspicuous, but the coworker from hell has left the building! She blew me a kiss goodbye and I wanted to high-five her in the face, but instead I told her good luck(and silently wished her new coworkers the same).

That all being said I start posting the marvel!bunny tomorrow.

Happy soon to be October!
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family fun time

Well I accomplished very little writing wise the last two days. The family packed up and went to a water park yesterday. We got there at 10AM when it opened and stayed until after 4. I was a smidgen wiped by the time I got home around 8 last night and the previous night I was attempting to get my laundry and other household chores done. I had fun w/the family at the park though and my teenage niece is a little chickenshit. It was adorable listening to her scream on the tube rides I dragged her on. Ha!

Which means today my punkass shall write something I'm feeling Marvel today so I shan't fight the impulse. And then edit chapter 2 so I can send it to polgara_5 for her beta magic. I swear I'm looking for these mistakes. Honest.

Also I watched a video on YouTube earlier and it had this line:
"We are stars. Born of fire, of wind. Born in the chaos."
I found it inspirational so I thought I'd share.
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i'm meaner than my demons

This song is bascially the marvel!bunny in a nutshell. Which I've decided to bite the bullet and start posting as of 10/1 with weekly updates on Thursdays (real life permitting). It'll be posted to AO3 with outtakes and artwork posted to my tumblr.

I'll link to those things here encase there are some of you not on AO3 or tumblr.

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fic:chameleon girl | btvs, daredevil | gen

Title: chameleon girl
Rating: FR13
Word Count: 1220
Disclaimer: Daredevil and all related themes are copyright of Marvel Entertainment and Stan Lee. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related themes are copyright of Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.
Note: Why yes this short takes place in the series I keep yammering on about. One day the first story shall be finished. Until then please enjoy this offering!

Summary: Honest clients were hard to come by, but Matt had a good feeling about Anne Steele.

chameleon girlCollapse )
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i'm in complete control(i can do what i want)

It's the last day of my vacation. *sniffle* I managed to get all but four crates sanded for my shelving unit (which is like half of what I wanted to accomplish). However I do have tomorrow and Sunday to get some sanding done and I'm pretty sure I can finish at least that portion. Woot!

I am working on rewriting portions of the mavel!bunny to make it current with marvel universe. I'm doing this for reasons and hopefully only a couple of scenes need to be completely rewritten and just a few tweaks on the others.

I'm likely going to start nagging a few of my f-list buds to read over things as I progress. I'm looking at you kerrykhat , jedibuttercup and pprfaith . (Pol, you go without saying, but I just said it so there.) I think with enough peeps asking what happens next I'll plow through the rewrites and complete this beast. Can 25K and counting be considered a beast? *shrugs* I'm gonna say yes.

Edit: Totally forgot to drag sulien into this and you probably thought you'd dodged that bullet... 
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netflix is a judgmental bitch

First day of vacation is nearly complete and it doesn't feel like I've accomplished much, but I do feel rested so that's something, right? I watched an obscene amount of Chuck (I liked it best of all the shows I tried last night which included Leverage and Merlin) so I was asked repeatedly by Netflix if I wanted to continue watching. I felt judged, but it was worth it.

I did cut back a thorny asshole of a bush on Sunday and managed to pull some muscles in my shoulders in the process. Damn, I am outta shape. Tomorrow I am going to knock out a lot of the sanding needed on the crates so I can start staining them and possibly do some weight training.

On the writing front I've completed another short for the August challenge and have another in the pipeline. Though I do still need to rework the marvel!bunny to make it more in line with the current universe and I do want to work on that this week.