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fic:chameleon girl | btvs, daredevil | gen

Title: chameleon girl
Rating: FR13
Word Count: 1220
Disclaimer: Daredevil and all related themes are copyright of Marvel Entertainment and Stan Lee. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related themes are copyright of Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.
Note: Why yes this short takes place in the series I keep yammering on about. One day the first story shall be finished. Until then please enjoy this offering!

Summary: Honest clients were hard to come by, but Matt had a good feeling about Anne Steele.

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i'm in complete control(i can do what i want)

It's the last day of my vacation. *sniffle* I managed to get all but four crates sanded for my shelving unit (which is like half of what I wanted to accomplish). However I do have tomorrow and Sunday to get some sanding done and I'm pretty sure I can finish at least that portion. Woot!

I am working on rewriting portions of the mavel!bunny to make it current with marvel universe. I'm doing this for reasons and hopefully only a couple of scenes need to be completely rewritten and just a few tweaks on the others.

I'm likely going to start nagging a few of my f-list buds to read over things as I progress. I'm looking at you kerrykhat, jedibuttercup and pprfaith. (Pol, you go without saying, but I just said it so there.) I think with enough peeps asking what happens next I'll plow through the rewrites and complete this beast. Can 25K and counting be considered a beast? *shrugs* I'm gonna say yes.

Edit: Totally forgot to drag sulien into this and you probably thought you'd dodged that bullet... 
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netflix is a judgmental bitch

First day of vacation is nearly complete and it doesn't feel like I've accomplished much, but I do feel rested so that's something, right? I watched an obscene amount of Chuck (I liked it best of all the shows I tried last night which included Leverage and Merlin) so I was asked repeatedly by Netflix if I wanted to continue watching. I felt judged, but it was worth it.

I did cut back a thorny asshole of a bush on Sunday and managed to pull some muscles in my shoulders in the process. Damn, I am outta shape. Tomorrow I am going to knock out a lot of the sanding needed on the crates so I can start staining them and possibly do some weight training.

On the writing front I've completed another short for the August challenge and have another in the pipeline. Though I do still need to rework the marvel!bunny to make it more in line with the current universe and I do want to work on that this week.
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toots mah horn (beep-beep, motherf*ckers)

I'm a bargain hunter. Some might call me cheap, but I prefer frugal.

I dislike spending full price on pretty much anything even if I have a gift card. Today I went to Kohl's because I had a spend $30 and get $10 off coupon from Discover. There was also a storewide 20% off clearance and I had an additional 15% of coupon along with it being Tax Free days here in Florida.

I spent $27 and my receipt said I saved $215. Boom!

Don't judge my happy.

I feel like one of those super coupon people (though I tend to think of them as organized hoarders).
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blow a kiss, fire a gun

With that subject line I should really be laying down some serious Black Widow meta.


Instead I've come to state that my resume is complete. It'll still get sent out to some people for edits and such, but the bones and meat are there and they sparkle... which is an odd way to think about bones and meat.

On a writing note I have another Faith short completed that's in the cool down period. I'm not entirely sure where it came from, but it's not crack. Or at least I don't think this one is. Still not entirely sure where that Last Unicorn one came from either. Sorry? *shrugs*

Tonight I am editing another short before it gets sent off to the beta. Wish me a grammatically correct muse!
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little help?

My regular beta, polgara_5, is on a much deserved and envied vacation. Is anyone on the F-List willing to look over a short story about Dawn in The Walking Dead verse? There's surprisingly, for my writing, no bloodshed and it's just a conversation between her and Deanna Monroe.
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rantings of a reader

There's something that drives me batty in literature and that is info dumps in the first chapter. Please allow me time to get to know your character before you tell me all about their fearful childhood and oh so tedious profession.

I get that the characters fear of her mother’s witchy powers is the driving force behind her reasons to not learn witchcraft, but stick to one topic at a time. I’m not past the first five pages and I already find your lead character dull.
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plot bunnies, i has them

Does anyone else want to know about Dawn and Illyria's adventures through the multi-verse before they landed in Mercy'verse to reunite with Buffy in GutG? I'm sure people want more of the actual story, but that's a multi-chaptered beast and I can't add to it during the August Challenge without cheating. :)

I've got 7 more possible shorts in the pipeline. Here's to hoping inspiration holds out. 
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stir up the air

I’ve decided to not dwell on all the bullshit at work and instead focus on the good. So far the only good is my intention to no longer dwell, but I will take what I can get. ;)

That being said the short is 1200 words and counting.