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Miles to Go

So I finally started actually writing Morning Glory, the third story in the Miles to Go series (aka the hell!Buffy series). I had every intention of joining a big bang to jump start my muse and keep her on track, but I quickly realized the scope of the research I will be putting into this story and figured three months would definitely not be enough time to finish it. Is it odd that I have scoured the internet and my local library for any and all mentions of Faust just so that I can write a character I am basically making up believable?

Either way my research of Faust, who was mentioned so very briefly in the ‘Lapsang Souchong’ you might have missed it, led me to my current obsession which has become my big bad. I’m a little giddy with how this opening scene turned out because it was completely different then I’d planned, but in a good way. I currently have no control over this new character which is both fun and interesting and for some reason I really want them to kick Castiel’s ass. *shrugs* It could happen.
The two songs that played on repeat during the writing process where A Perfect Circle’s ‘3 Libras’ and Robert Johnson’s ‘Hellhound on my Trail’ which set the tone for my muse in a way that made her very happy and the characters kinda creepy. Yayness!
I think the next update will hopefully have more to do with the schedule I’ve established to keep myself on track and my research in check. Though I have already started reading a book on serial killers profiles to gear myself up for Faith’s baddie during her Cruciamentum.  I have a sickness. I know. *beams*

Thank you and I hope I can pick up a momentum while writing soon. I am getting excited about writing it so that's a good thing. :)
Than—wait. You mean you weren't reading it before? *pouts*

There’ll be more Resident Evil, eventually. I can write in multiple stories at one time and my muse still works. Though I admit that this series has currently stolen my muse and won’t let her go, but that doesn’t mean she won’t get back to writing other stories.


I have been good. I am currently too lazy to hang the paintings that need to go up on the walls of the living room and my bedroom that ties in the colors I’m using. I hate moving and if I mention doing it again at any point in the next two to three years smack me. : )

How have you been? When do you get to go hang with Miss Charlotte? I think I remember reading about that on my flist. Hee!