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Miles to Go

So I have decided that I am going to sorta join WriDaNoJu, aka Write a Damn Novel in June, which is exactly like the NaNoWrimo, but it takes place in June to get my lazy ass in gear and start writing ‘Morning Glory.’ I am going to cheat and use what I’ve already written, a measly 3k, towards the 50k the challenge requires and while I don’t think that will complete the story I do think that it’ll get me a hell’a’lot closure towards completing it then I already am.


The cheating is why I can’t actually join the WriDaNoJu, that and the fact that I’m writing fanfiction and not original work that could actually be published. (I have plans for original stuff during the actual NaNoWrimo.)


I’m not going to say I won’t work on the side stories during June, but I do know I am going to focus all my attention on ‘Morning Glory’ and little else. Which blows because I definitely owe jedibuttercup  two birthday short stories… of course I do have a weekend and a day before June starts.


*cracks knuckles*


This should get interesting.

Take your time (though I'm definitely looking forward to them). My own fic production seems to come in great fits and starts these days. =)
I rewatched the first season of Terminator:TSCC this weekend to get my muse familiar with the series again so hopefully that helps some. I'm gonna work on it as the muse sees fit. :)
Thank you! I shall need it.

*whispers* I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed and it's not even June yet... it will be in three hours, but still.