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Fic: Fables (Dawn/Sam)

Title: Fables
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and I am making no profit from the use of them.
Rating: FR13
Answering kaylashay81requests for: Dawn/Sam, one side knowing of the other sides night job either by accident or for a long time,and a kidnapping
Timeline: BTVS the summer between season 6 and 7, SPN preseason 1 and season 2 (no real spoilers for either show)
Synopsis: Dating is never easy, especially for the Summers woman.
Authors Note: The last section labeled Present day/Epilogue is open ended and if you like nice neat endings I’d suggest not reading that section. 

Nervous fingers ran absently through straight brown hair, brushing it forward to hide the earrings she had borrowed from her sister. It so wasn’t stealing since she fully intended to return them as soon as Buffy’s back was turned and she could sneak back into her bedroom. Dawn frowned down at the lacy top she wore and raised her eyes to stare critically at her reflection.
Tugging the sleeves over the back of her hand, she bit her lip, rolling it inward before unbuttoning the third button and pulling the bottom down over the tops of her jeans. Her hands rose to fiddle with the silver cross settled in the hollow of the throat and she nearly jumped when she saw Buffy peeking over her shoulder.
“Where did you say you met him again?”
Dawn glared at her sister’s reflection even as her hands rose to absently pat her hair and check that the silver hops were covered. “I was helping Anya clean up the shop when he stopped by to pick up some Angelica Root and salt.”
A frown pulled Buffy’s brows down. “And then he just asked you out?”
Dawn’s blue eyes narrowed. “What’s that suppose to mean?”

Delicate but strong hands wrapped around her shoulders and spun Dawn to face her sister. “I didn’t mean it like that.”
She crossed her arms around her waist and glared at Buffy, a small smirk gracing her lips because of the fact that she had to lower her head for her older sister to get the full effect.
“I know that look and I can still kick your butt.”
“Pfft! I fight dirty.”
Buffy arched a brow and tilted her chin, matching Dawn’s glare with one of her own. “Yes, I’m well aware of that little fact, you hair puller.”
Dawn rolled her eyes. “I was six.”
“I’m talking about last week during training.”
She ducked her head. “Oh.”
Buffy’s lips quirked, “I just worry about you. That’s all.”
Dawn sighed. “Buffy, I’m sixteen. I meet him during the day. I’m wearing a cross and I have the holy water and garlic mace that Giles sent. It’s one little movie.”
“With a boy I know nothing about.” She frowned and redid the button Dawn had just undone.
With a roll of her eyes she stepped back and away from her overprotective shadow. “His name is Sam and he’s eighteen—”
“He’s older…” Buffy trailed off from her interruption at the pointed look she was getting. “Sorry, please continue enlightening me about the wonderfulness that is Sam.”
“He’s eighteen with an older brother that probably annoys him as much as you annoy me.” She grinned at Buffy’s glare, “His dad’s in town for a job and they’re probably going to be leaving by this weekend and he’s cute and tall and smart and…he asked me out.”
“Points for good taste.”
Dawn face lit up. “And that proves the whole smarts thing.”
Buffy nodded and then rolled her eyes, before going over Dawn’s wardrobe with a decisive eye. “Do you still wear a size seven shoe?”
Blinking at the random question she nodded, dumbly. “Why?”
“Come on.”
She followed after her sister and cocked her head as the entered her room and Buffy began rummaging through her closet before giving an ‘aha’ and stepping out of it with a pair of brown leather boots. Dawn’s brows rose, stunned. “You just bought those.”
Buffy cocked her head, “You don’t want to borrow them?”
With a laugh she held them out and Dawn sat on the end of her bed and slipped off her sneakers. The boots hit her at mid-calf when she stood and gave a little spin, “Well?”
She stuck her tongue out at the dry retort and sidestepped Buffy to close the closet door and give herself a quick once over in the mirror. With a hand over her stomach to help calm the butterflies she grinned at her reflection. “I’m nervous.”
“First dates jitters,” She flicked her gaze up to meet Dawn’s. “Nice earrings by the way.”
Her hands rose automatically and she had the grace to avoid Buffy’s pointed stare. “I was going to ask. I just forgot.”
“I did!”
“Come on I’ll drive you.”
Dawn’s eyes widened. “Wouldn’t it be safer for me to walk alone at night?”
Buffy’s lips thinned. “Funny.”
“I think so.”
“Shut up, smart ass and let’s go.”
“Why are we here?”
A disgruntled snort followed Dean’s question and Sam turned to glare down at his older brother. “We? I have no idea why we are here but I’m here because I have a date.”
“With a chick you met in a magic shop.”
“An occult shop and the chick’s name is Dawn.”
Dean scratched the side of his head and sighed. “Whatever. Dad just wanted me to make sure she wasn’t a succubus.”
“She’s not a succubus!”
“That’s what you said last time Sammy-boy.”
“Stop calling me Sammy and Dawn is not a succubus!”
“Of course my sister isn’t a lust sucking demon.” The both spun toward the annoyed voice and winced at the raised brow. “There a reason you’d think she is?”
Dean cleared his throat. “Nah, just teasing Sammy about his taste in women.”
“By mocking them and calling them demons?”
He swallowed and grimaced when the little blonde in front of them cocked her head and crossed her arms as if waiting for his answer. He glanced at Sam out of the corner of his eye and saw little brother smirking at him, “I was—“
“Hi Sam!”
The too cheerful interruption saved him and Dean sent Sam’s date a grateful look that she ignored, already too busy making chick flick eyes at his brother.
“Hey Dawn.”
She grinned and turned motioning to the blonde beside her, “This is my sister, Buffy.”
Sam stepped forward and offered her his hand. She smiled and accepted the handshake, both ignoring Dean’s snort of amusement at her name. Buffy’s brows rose as his large frame dwarfed hers and she looked sideways at her sister. “You weren’t lying when you said he was tall.”
Dawn nodded and sent Sam a pointed look before glancing at his brother. He sighed and stepped back releasing Buffy’s hand and motioning to Dean. “Dawn this is my brother, Dean.”
Dawn beamed and offered him a hand, which he took after raising a brow. “Hey.”
Her smile stretched before she turned to Buffy, “Okay you met him, now go.”
Buffy arched a brow. “I’ll pick you up at 11.”
Dawn snorted, “Buffy, the movie doesn’t even end till 11.”
Sam and Dean shared a look as Buffy shot back, “11:30.”
Dawn sighed, “Deal.”
Buffy nodded and turned to Sam, “Have fun and keep your hands to yourself.”
“What?” She smirked and settled her gaze on Dean. “It was…” She trailed off and shrugged. Spinning on her boot heel she strolled away with a swing of narrow hips.
Dean’s head dipped a little to watch the sway of said hips before shaking his head—she’d have a nice ass if she took the stick out of it. He turned seeing both teenagers watching with raised brows and shrugged in much the same way Buffy had. “Stay put until I come to pick your ass up.”
Sam’s brows lowered and he glared at his brother’s back. Pushing back his irritation he glanced down to see if having pain in the ass for an older sibling had scared her off. She was looking up at him with the same expression and he grinned. “Sucks to be the youngest.”
“Tell me about it.”
Dawn glanced at the theater behind them. “There really isn’t anything good playing right now.”
Catching onto her meaning he smiled and turned, offering her his hand. A slow smile spread her lips as she accepted it and he began to lead them down the street. “I saw an coffee shop nearby.”
“That works for me.”
“I was hoping it would.”
Two iced mocha and two half-caf, double vanilla lattes between them and nearly three hours later Dawn was still grinning from ear to ear as she shook her head. “You wanted to be a fireman when you were younger?”
Sam nodded and took another sip from his latte. “Yes, ma’am. Well that and Spiderman.”
She laughed, “You had the pajama set didn’t you?”
“What self respecting little boy didn’t?” Sam shook his head and turned the tables. “And what or who, Miss Summers, did you want to be?”


The quick answer raised his brows. “You wanted to be your older sister?”
She nodded, tongue firmly in cheek, “When I was nine she was like a superhero to me.” She rolled her eyes, “Before that I think I wanted to be a princess.”
He chuckled, “And now?”
Her shoulder lifted. “I’m not sure but I know I want to make a difference.”
“Me too.”
Dawn twisted her straw and sent him a grin. “With SAT’s like yours you could go anywhere. Be anything.”
Sam winced and picked up his latte. “Yeah.”
She blinked, surprised with the sudden withdrawal. “But you don’t want too?”
“I do!” He sighed and leaned back, “Its just complicated.”
“When isn’t life?”

His lips quirked and he ran a quick hand through his haphazard hair. Sucking in a breath, he shared the most important news he had gotten in a very long time. “I got into Stanford, full ride.”
“Sam that’s great!”
Her enthusiasm failed to reach him and he nodded, “Yeah.”
Dawn frowned and probed. “But?”
“But,” His smile became self-deprecating, “I don’t think I can go.”
“Family obligations.”
The regret filling his tone raised Dawn’s brows and she shifted forward, picked up one of his hands. “Carpe diem.”
“Easy to say but…”

“Never easy to do?”

His head rose to meet her gaze and she noticed the ring of blue encircling the green of his eyes. They dropped to trace the line of her mouth and her stomach tightened in delicious way that dried her throat.
“We should start heading back.”
She quelled the rise of disappointment and nodded, “Yeah.”
He grinned trying to lighten the mood, “I wouldn’t want your superhero of a sister to pound on me.”
“You really wouldn’t.”
Dawn shook her head and did the stupid thing of following her date into a dark alley after he had run into it. They just had to hear someone cry for help and Sam just had to be the knight in shinning armor with wounded eyes sort—of course the wounded eyes had been what attracted her in the first place. But she so didn’t want a wounded or dead date.
When she saw the two very pale attackers, one bent over an unconscious woman and the other turning on Sam she reiterated under her breath. “Dammit,” And reached into her purse for Giles’ gift.
Her eyes widened as Sam ducked beneath the vampire’s first swing and spun into his body, delivering a sharp uppercut that twisted the vamp toward her. Its face shifted with a sickening crunch, ridges forming across its brow and eyes lightening to saffron. Dawn watched it turn back to Sam and his flash of shock melted quickly into anger, his attack becoming more aggressive.
She had a moments pause with the turn of events before the second vamp rose and began to move toward her. His face slide from his human mask into the demonic deformity she was use to and Dawn swallowed. Fingers wrapped tightly around the canister of mace, thumb flicking off the lid while it was still in her purse.
She wracked her brain for a quip, a mocking joke that would throw her attacker off but her mind drew a frantic blank. The moment for levity passed as it charged her and she slipped her hand free and sprayed the vampire. Smoke billowed upward from its face as it screamed and stumbled back, falling over a trashcan and spilling the contents across the alley.
There was sickening crunch and Dawn turned expecting the worse only to see the vampire Sam had been fighting fall to the asphalt his neck at an impossible angle and her date breathing heavily. Her vamp rose, his heated gaze flicking between them before he fled and Dawn lowered her arm, stared at her date.
“Dawn…” He trailed off and winced, cradling his left arm close to his body.
She ignored him and slid the mace back into her purse and pulled out the stake Buffy had insisted on her bringing. Stopping beside the vampires’ victim she check for a pulse and smiled when the woman began to regain consciousness. She rose and moved back to Sam and his vamp.
Her breath eased out and she winced at the fact that the vampire’s features had reverted to its human mask. Sam frowned and stepped forward as she knelt beside the vampire and raised the stake.
“What are—” He stumbled back as the stake plunged downward into the vampire’s chest, though the third and fourth rib. She felt the wood graze the bone before striking the heart and the vamp jerked, gave a demonic scream before dissolving into ash.
Another scream echoed the vamp’s and Dawn and Sam both glanced up at the woman. Her eyes were impossibly wide as she stared at them, at where the vampire had been. She pushed herself to her feet and stumbled her way from the alley.
Dawn sighed, “You’re welcome.” She glanced back to see Sam still watching her, still studying her.
“What just happened here?”

She winced, “Vampires are real.”
He stared at her dumbfounded. “Vampires?”
Dawn glanced at her watch and saw they had only a half hour. “Cliff notes version it is.”

Present day/Epilogue:
“You wanna head where?”

Sam frowned at Dean over the recently waxed roof of the Impala and slipped his laptop bag onto the floorboard. “Denver.” He sighed, “It’s only a 300 mile drive.”
“300 miles behind us, Sam.” Dean shook his head, “Give me a reason.”
His lips thinned, “An old friend has run into trouble, our kind of trouble and called asking for help.”
Dean’s brows rose. “And this person knows to call you how?”
Sam glared at him. “Because I told her if she ever needed help to call and I’d come. No questions asked.” He slid into the passenger’s seat, waited for Dean to follow him and ignored the glare being sent toward the side of his head.
“That’s not what I meant.”
He inhaled slowly before letting out a frustrated sigh and turned to Dean. “Look, her sister went missing from their hotel room and the desk clerk and hotel manager claim to have never seen her even though they both helped check them in.”
Dean frowned with the fact that Sam sidestepped the issue again but focused on the story for the moment. “Maybe her sister took off for a little bit—”
Sam shook his head, “No way.”
“Alright maybe the hotel’s busy and they simply forgot checking them in.”
“I trust Dawn’s instincts and she thinks their lying and there’s one other little thing.”

The Impala pulled away from the gas station and Sam smiled as Dean head north, back the way they had come. “All of her and her sisters friends are saying her sisters been dead for the last six years.”
Dean brows lowered and he swiveled his head to shoot Sam a quick look. “And she hasn’t?”
Sam shook his head, “No.”
“And you know this how?”
“Because I met Buffy five years ago and so did you.”
The End…unless Kayla wants a sequel.

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Well, shoot, I read everything you write. I know, I'm a bad fanfirl for not commenting on it all, but I do read them.
Lord, I hope Kayla wants a sequel. Because that is the beginning of an awesome storyline. Of course, if a sequel doesn't happen, I'll happily make it up in my head. *g*

Anyway, I loved this and the way they were both excited for the first date, which ends with vampires - of course. It is Sunnydale after all. This was such a fun ficlet and the relationship between each set of siblings was fun to read.
You make up sequels in your head to others stories too? I thought I was the only one who did that!

I 'heart' sibling banter, its fun and usually light hearted. Plus I'm the youngest with an older brother and sister so I udnerstand where both Sam and Dawnie are comming from usually...execpt for me not being a ball of green engrgy or a psychic. Well to my knowledge anyways. ;)
Oh, add my vote for a sequel. I love the banter of the sisters, and then the brothers, and then, of course, them bantering with each other. :D

Highly entertaining. A nice pick me up for the end of the day.