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Zombies for the win!

Is it odd that I am super excited that Wesker is in this one? I mean seriously excited. *bounces*
I am so freaking exited about this movie it's not even funny. I love these movies specially zombie movies. And man this one looks way better than the last one. I really hope so.
I do adore my Romero.

The third Resident Evil film wasn't nearly as good as the first two, but I liked the novel adaption of the film better because it gave reasoning behind what Isaacs was trying to accomplish with the crazy, roid'ed zombies. I'm all about reasoning, even when it comes to zombie films. :)
Got to agree with you with that.

I agree the third one was just something else. But I really love the films. They are similar to the video games but they are their own. I love it because it's one of the film series that me and my brother like to see. It's great.
Every time I think of this 'verse I always say to myself, "Lisa you need to go out and buy all the movies, why do you not have them yet? You love these films". This looks delicious and once again I'm reminded what a sexy voice MJ has.
*sigh* I can't find the "like" button. :) This looks pretty cool. I need to watch the last one to come out still.