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So I seriously just listened to ‘Hey Jude’ on repeat while writing, what I think, was thoroughly creepy scene of domestic voilence. *shakes head* The Supernatural fandom does something twisted to my muse, I swear.

I also started a new series. *sigh* Don’t I already have too many of those? Oh wells, here’s to hoping I keep it new and interesting. *whispers to polgara_5  and azraelz_angel * It’s the demon’verse I’ve been plotting since the beginning of hell!Buffy, but was afraid to start because I didn’t want it to detract from my hell!Buffy muse.

Well I think I’m far enough along in that series that I can start this one and I’m pretty sure there will only be two or three stories to this series. *nods* A short series that will not be continued. Dammit. 

2500 words and counting. See what happens when my work sends me home sick? My muse comes out to play while I feel like death warmed over. What fun. *grumbles*
Sounds interesting, that new 'verse. They do tend to multiply like rabbits, though, don't they?

(And I've always found 'Hey Jude' to be kind of creepy. But then, I think that of most Beatles songs, so that might just be me.)
Plot bunnies are floppy-eared bastards and possibly evil.

The Beatles has their moments of creepy and I think I blame Lennon.