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Goals and whatnot.

 So I am going to attempt to get my ass in gear and actually start writing again so I am creating a list of the stories I need to complete, hopefully, by the first of next year and stories I want to start on. I’m not in retail anymore so my schedule won’t change come November. ;) The stories listed aren’t in any particular order and I cheerfully stole this listing idea from pprfaith. Thanks for the inspiration!

Blackbird – Damon.Buffy ficlet being written for dhfreak  because she offered pretty artwork. I’m currently at 1000 words, it is fully plotted and will probably tap out at about 10k. Special thanks to dana_chosenart  for ensuring this story doesn’t suck.

Morning Glory – Third story in the ‘Miles to Go’ series and I’ve hit a brick wall that’s shaped a lot like my other Supernatural stories. Faust is fighting with Ruby in my head, but for the life of me I can not get this scene to paper and I don’t write out of sequence so I have to sit and wait until that scene is finished before moving on. This story is currently at 4700 words and counting.

Owe for the Flesh – My story for the syfybigbang  and the only story that I must have a rough draft complete by December 3rd. The story is a Riverworld, BtVS and SPN crossover and currently stands at a little over 1000 words and it needs to hit or surpass 15k.

Nature of the Beast – Demon’verse story that currently has my muse in a chokehold and it’s running at a little over 11k. Three more scenes. Three more scenes.

Untitled – Wish!Buffy in the Anita Blake world. This plot bunny has been bouncing around for the last year which means I should probably allow it to come to fruition before it snags my muse and runs off with it like ‘Nature of the Beast’ did.

Locks on the Door – Ficlets and scenes that don’t fit in with the larger stories in the ‘Miles to Go’ series. One started and three more plotted.

Holding Up the Sun – Pike’centric story that takes place during Buffy’s time in hell (aka 'Miles to Go' series). I have started the process of plotting and re-watching the episodes required to write this fun story and I’m shooting for 15k once I start writing, but I make no promises.

I also plan to intermediately work on all those Stargate WIPs I have and I’m very glad I’ve stuck to my ’09 resolution of not posting multi-chapter stories unless they are already completed. Sigh.
You're welcome.

Now tell your muses to get with the 'Miles to Go' program, cause I'm curious to the point of bursting by now.
The muse has written two stories for the 'Miles to Go' series so I think she's on the program, but she's also fickle. Sigh.
*hugs* Glad I could help, can't wait to read the final results! :)

I don't care what they say on the show, Ruby is the devil *shoots* Hope the scene works out for you 'cause that's one fic I'm itching to read! (as well as its sibling "Holding up the sun"!)

Does this mean that there are no plans to continue the "The Law of Club and Fang"?
Glad I could help, can't wait to read the final results!

*snuggles* Me too! ;)

I liked Ruby. I much prefer season three to season four, but her character had a purpose which I didn't agree with, but I understood. It makes me more understanding towards her.

There are plans for more 'The Law of Club and Fang.' I'm in the process of plotting how Buffy and John first met and why John didn't just shoot her.

I'm sitting here working and listening to random music and just ran into The All American Rejects - Hope it gives you hell, and dude! It's Buffy POV vs Dean "Miles to go".

When you see my face
Hope it gives you hell
When you walk my way
Hope it gives you hell

And where's that shiny car

Now you'll never see
What you've done to me
You can take back your memories
They're no good to me
And here's all your lies
You can't look me in the eyes
With the sad, sad look
That you wear so well

When you hear this song
I hope that it will give you hell

You can sing along
I hope that it puts you through hell

yes/no? :)
I think the American Rejects' lyrics work nicely, but the upbeat tempo doesn't mesh right in my head. The Bang Gang is interesting and I might need to listen to that some more. *nods*

I think I've found a good song for Buffy to Faust. I heard it on the radio the other day and most of the lyrics work and are a little creepy if taken literally. *beams* It's a bit spoiler-y for who Faust was to Buffy in hell so I won't share unless you wants to be spoiled.

I love that you are getting back into writing. And yay for being organized! Looking forward to quite a few of you WIPs wrapping up. *dances*
I've been writing snippets at a time rather then large chunks, which I'm use to writing, and I want to get back on that bandwagon.

I really want to finish the Buffy.Cam story by '11. I'd shoot for sooner, but that story has a long way to go before it's completed. :)
Can I mention how jealous I am that you are not in retail and I'm still stuck in that hell? *sigh*

Hooray for you writing! And you know me, I get excited about whatever it is that you write so I have no particular preference here.

And here's hoping I'll be able to get some writing of my own done once the Regional Manager visits next month and Cinderella opens, both things happening in the same week, so both work and home won't be completely wonky.

*whisperes* Although I would love to see the Stargate WIPs finished. ;)
*feeds your plot bunnies radishes and porn*


Oh, right. I'm sorry you work in retail. *hugs* I liked some aspects of it and others sucked... I think that's true with all jobs. *nods*

I was watching LoGo the other day and some good Graham episodes where on and it made me want to work on the Buffy.Jonas story. Perhaps I can plot that out and figure out where I was going with it...
Please feed the bunnies, they are languishing in the corner from neglect.

I seriously think I might need some mental help. I picked up a contract from my old job to design lights for Cinderella. I haven't designed lights in three years, this might be a problem. But it's extra money for the holidays which we desperately need and doesn't require quite as much of time as sound does.

And I love catching random eps on Logo. Graham *le sigh*

and I seriously miss you. I keep popping online in the evenings hoping to catch you, but you're never on at the same time as me. *pouts*