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SyFy (it hurts my heart to type the abbreviation that way) recently re-aired their 2010 Riverworld miniseries and I recorded it. I watched (all the way through this time) it last night between wrestling with the kitten and dealing with Thea’s sudden need for cuddles. (Though the pair did share couch space without any hissing or swatting so I’m taking that as a good sign.)

So I watched Riverworld and I was terribly underwhelmed. I kinda hate what they did to Burton. I think Peter Wingfield did a marvelous job with the little they gave him so he’s now cast as Burton in my head, but they attempted to vilify him to the point that it was irritating. Mark Deklin did a fantastic job of making Sam Clemens charming, dishonest and human. I really enjoyed his performance.

I think I would have been thrilled with this series if they’d pitted Clemens against Burton rather than throwing in the random character of Matt Ellman. I honestly had nothing invested in this character and he did little to interest me throughout the show’s run. The other two would have been fun to watch bounce off each other. And don't get me started on the character of Jessie Machalan who was too convenient for words. Bleh!

I did like the grail bracelets used to access the grails rather than just the grails themselves which is something I’ll incorporate into my story. Which is a plus, but the ‘aliens’ left so much to be desired I wanted to throw something at the television set.

The acting was good, some better than others, but the plot was pretty terrible.