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assembling their philosophies from broken memories

It's hard to give equal time/love to my original!bunny and the Marvel!bunny since Marvel apparently still owns my soul. It's kinda ridiculous at this point and it doesn't help that I'm counting down the days until Captain America:Winter Soldier comes out on BluRay.

Is it 9/9/14 yet? Like yesterday, please?

I think the Marvel!bunny is coming along pretty well. It's been awhile since I tackled something this big. I didn't intend for it to be this big. Whoops? I might post the first scene at some point to get some feedback. Well, it's not the first-first scene. That's a fight scene, but this scene sets up the plot of the story. Did I mention this story had violence?

The origina!bunny is coming along slower, mostly because I can't seem to write around the fact that not all the characters have names yet. Names are important. Names help me visualize the characters. It's a process.

I shall leave you with this song by Alex Clare. It feeds the Marvel!bunny. (Nothing feeds the original!bunny currently. I should work on that.)