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with the lights out, it's less dangerous

The Annual Lung Cancer 5K in honor of my dad came and went. I can't believe we've walked 3 in of honor of him already. Though my sister punked out on me and walked the 1 mile memorial walk with my mom and her family rather than do the 5K with me. We won't speak of my time, but needless to say I'm talking up walking every other day again.

I got a little writing done this week. I added another scene to the Marvel!bunny and "finished" one of my wishlist_fic stories. The air quotes are around the finished because it's now entered the three day rest period in which I'm not allowed to mess around with it so I look at with fresh eyes for the editing process. I hope to get another one done this week and then work on the Marvel!bunny some more.

I'm only hoping since my brother's wedding is on Thursday and I'm attending a burlesque show on Friday night. The rest of the weekend will likely be filled with family since a lot of them are down for the wedding. Should be an interesting next few days.

I hope life is treating you all well! 
Congrats to your brother for his marriage! :)

And family... always an interesting time when you get them all together. ... should I say scary time?.... maybe I'm projecting my family ;)

Have fun Friday night!!!
More like: Good luck to the new wife! ;)

We had the BBQ that involves my uncle who lives in Texas to make us Mexican. His wife is Mexican and she's taught him things, yummy things. Of course he forgot to add salt to the salsa. I corrected this mistake and got a fistbump from him.

Happy Saturday! I hope the play is good!
What a great way to honor your father. I love that idea. Wonder if I can get my mom & sister to go in on that.

Congratulations to your brother & his new bride!