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2015 Wishlist Prompts

Wishlist 2015, Prompt Post

What is the Wishlist?

The Wishlist is a multi-fandom Christmas fanfiction fest. It is something that started very small and simple three years ago. The premise was simply to write twenty-four ficlets in response to twenty-four prompts, posted between 1 Dec and 24 Dec. Fandom gifts, if you will. Since then it's grown and changed a bit.

The community and the rules in detail can be found here.

I have signed up to be a writer and if you want to give me a prompt, please leave a comment on this entry.


- I accept the first 6 prompts I am given, regardless of who you are or if I know you.

- You give me characters/pairing, a fandom and a prompt.

- If I don't know the fandom you're requesting, your prompt doesn't count. The fandoms I write in are:

BtVS, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Marvel:MCU, Mercy Thompson Series, Teen Wolf, Arrow, Flash(if I've written in it feel free to prompt. The worst that can happen is I ask you to pick another prompt.)

- If I find your prompt in any way offensive, I will disregard it, too. Fair warning.

- Your prompts should somewhat match what I usually write. It can be a quote, an idea, a specific situation, but the more you give me, the more I have to work with. Throwing Character X/Character Y, whatever at me is going to get you whatever.

- If you don't have an lj account, leave an anonymous comment, but make sure to sign it with a name (possibly your TtH name, if you're coming from that end.)

- I answer the prompts in the order I like best and post them here and/or in the wishlist_fic community, one a day, starting 1 Dec 2015.

Again, I need fandom, characters or pairings, prompt, and your name.
Oh! Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

lol, and I suck. I still haven't thought of a prompt.

Alright, how about this:

fandoms: BtVS, Mercy Thompson
Characters: Dawn, Warren, and Kyle
Prompt: Leaving the planning of any sort of get together up to Dawn and Kyle could lead to mixed or even dangerous results.
I was going to prompt you for more of the Oddinsdottir 'verse but since I see your already going to fulfill Jedi's prompt in that verse I'll prompt you for more of "Giving up the Ghost" instead. Specifically, I would love Bran's and Dawn's conversation that was promised in the last chapter.

Edited to add that I'm sorry for the double comment. I thought I was already logged in.
You're welcome to request more of a series, but that's a chaptered story and I'm not comfortable just adding to it for this challenge.

Please provide another prompt.
Ok how about this,

Fandom: Smallville/BTVS
Prompt: How about an installment of "To Get To Who Series?" Oliver takes both his significant others to a Metropolis party as their first semi public outing in high society (semi public because on the surface Buffy's dating them both and Oliver/Clark are just best friends, in reality everyone is pretty sure their a threesome). A party Lex and Lana are also attending. Neither Lex/Lana are happy about being replaced, and Lex is particularly jealous that Oliver gets to have both Clark/Buffy. Que Lex being a voyeur to a moment between the three of them which only Oliver notices.

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It's been awhile since I watched Smallville, but reacquainting myself won't be a hardship. I'll see what I can come up with. :)
Slight issue. Smallville is not available for streaming and I don't own the DVDs.

I can attempt to write from memory, but I haven't watched the series since it ended so I can't guarantee how it'll turn out or you can choose something else. You're choice.

I have faith in whatever you come up with, but if you'd like me to switch prompts I will. Wishlist is supposed to be fun for both the reader and the writer and I don't want you to feel hassled.
Well I started to work on your second prompt and ended up writing more 'Give up the Ghost' so I'm going to throw caution to the wind and answer your original prompt. I hope that's okay w/you!
How does B:tVS/MCU sound this time? Specialist Summers, Odinsdottir, or some new Buffy-centric plot ... whichever inspires you. :)
I think I've settled on more Oddinsdottir 'verse. We're going to find out why there's a hart on the Brìsingamen... I may or may not have been stuck in traffic on the way home and this was all I thought about. Thanks for the distraction! ;)
Me please.

Buffy/Clint pairing if possible please.
Stark Christmas party and the craziness that happens. Cus let's face it Buffy and the avengers at the same party will bring chaos that would make janus proud lol.
Fandom(s): BtVS, Mercy Thompson
Character(s): Buffy, Oz, Leah (and any others you want to add)
Prompt: Maybe Buffy’s older than she seems and so are Leah and Oz. Maybe even older than Bran. Maybe they all know each other. Maybe they all use to be pack and then something happened and they were separated. Buffy was somehow called as the Slayer and years later she meets back up with Oz. Now they just need to find their third. (Maybe Leah is the one using Bran. Maybe being the Marrok’s mate is to her advantage somehow and she keeps the pack away from her because they’re not her pack, not really.)

If this isn't to your liking I can think of something else!
It's a bit of a tall order for a wishlist fic since the concept feels more a like a multi-chapter story than a short. I'm also not entirely certain how to work in everything you want and still have the characters feel like their canon counterparts.

Can you slim down your request or can I pick and chose from the list you've provided me? Or if that's not good you're welcome to throw a different prompt my way.


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So, I replied a few days ago, but I don't see it and I think my ipad might have ate it. Sorry about that.

I'm also sorry about the long prompt, I kinda got carried away. You can slim it down or pick and choose, whatever you like. All I really wanted was Buffy and Leah being badass together (with maybe a dash of Buffy not really being all that impressed with Bran).
Since you replied without signining in I think it hides it from all but me.

I have a soft spot for Leah so this will be fun, but I do like Bran so while I completely get where Buffy would dislike him I won't waid in bashing. I hope that's cool?
I'm too late :(( BUT so excited to see these prompts! Can't wait to see what you put together!