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Fanfic Q&A

Cheerfully stolen from mhalachaiswords and hopefully given a good home.

Favorite story I’ve written and why? I’ve got a few so pardon the tooting of my own horn.

Jones and Rogers – My first, and currently only, foray writing for Miss Martha Jones. It reminded me that I have a soft spot for her and it also features wee!Steve! Basically this little ficlet turned out exactly how I imagined it in my head and that rarely happens.

Slouching Towards Bethlehem – I made Buffy the God of the Supernatural’verse and it’s some of my proudest writing to date.

History for Sale – It’s a WIP, but I adore it.

Tropes I gravitate toward? Crossovers for the win!!!

Present or past tense? Past for all my longer works and usually in third person limited. I used to write third person omniscient, but not in a way that worked. First and second person narratives are limited to short stories.

How many unfinished stories do I have? *cringes* I’m afraid to even tackle this question. I waiver between removing all my unfinished stuff from the internet (I’ve pulled a few over the years) and leaving them up for people to enjoy what’s there. I will say that Give Up the Ghost is going to be finished.

Ideas in Google docs? Nope. I usually keep my ideas in my head until I find the time to get them to paper/Word. Usually they nag at me until they’re written or they disappear before they’re fully formed and that’s not a bad thing.

Best review/comment I’ve received? Reviews equal love and I appreciate them all. From the “more please” to the detailed analysis of the characters interactions. It’s always nice to know people are reading and enjoying. Kudos are great, but the review is a special thing.

Worst review/comment? I’ve had a few over the years, but mostly I find the trashy reviews amusing. I did have someone get mad at me for following canon once. That one was a stumper.

Last book I’ve read? America Gods by Neil Gaiman. I just stumbled across his work and its all sorts of fabulous.

Do I plan to publish something original? That’s the plan. One day. *crosses fingers* I like creating worlds and characters, but when it comes to the actual plot my brain seems to get distracted by the nuances again.

Biggest writing inspiration? Everything. From what’s happening in my life to the places I’ve been or wished I could go to. Music, art. If I study something long enough my brain is going to create a story to go along with it. My stapler goes on some fantastic adventures when I have to time to daydream at work.

Fanfic stories – how many have I posted? Too many to count and that is a splendid thing.

What am I currently working on? History for Sale. It’s my baby currently, but I’m also working on snippets and shorts and attempting to get back into the swing of writing after the job scare drained me emotionally last year.

What’s my username? Ava or avamclean on pretty much everydamnthing.

Who is next? polgara_5 (if she’s so inclined) and whoever else wants to play in this particular sandbox.