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kitties, work and happy thoughts

I’ve written this post a few times now and all of them felt like whining so let’s try this again.

The kitties are up to date on their shots and I have to work at rebuilding the trust between Thea and I since I had to give her daily double doses of medicine this last week and she had to go to the vet twice with shots given both times, but her UTI is gone and that’s what matters.

She’ll forgive me. Eventually… I think. ;)

Work is stressful, more so than it used to be, but I think my new boss is definitely in my corner and doing his best to run interference. He’s giving me several tasks to focus on and he spent a lot of time asking me about my management experience during our last conversation. He’s now sending me to a management course in Tampa sometime this summer and I’m taking that as a good sign.

The Walking Dead season finale is tonight. Its 90 minutes and Negan is making his first appearance. This makes me fearful for my favorite characters, but Jeffery Dean Morgan is going to do a fabulous job with the character. Of that I am sure. Expect more Walking Dead shorts in the near future. ;)

I did take some time this weekend to clean up my tags and, sulien, the original series I'm working on has it's own tag now (s: writ & wisdom) and this is series I'm going to use for the heroinebigbang.

Edit: Bitch nuts! That is all.
Yay for more Writ & Wisdom!!!!

And you know from your past managerial experience that when a manager starts asking about previous experience and gets you additional training that they are grooming you for something. ;) So yes, definitely a good sign and I'm so glad that you have a manager who is working to help you and not tear you down. :)

As for the kitties, I have no help there. You know me and the felines. :D
I've got a concept. Now to get it to paper. ;)

Grooming is an interesting idea, but he also kept asking me if I was interested in moving to up where their head office is located. It's about an hour and 45 minutes away from where I love now so communting is kinda out of the question.

Thea is back to cuddling with me, but she's still mistrustful of being picked up.

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Ah, gotcha on the grooming. That would be quite a drive. But, still a good sign. It could translate into something else in your location later down the road.  :)

*crosses fingers* I suggested that to him actually. ;)

I mentioned that I could build a deposit ops team down in my location and manage them and replied with, "there's an idea," and then suggested that I start looking for talent.
Yay! I'm glad to hear that Thea is doing well.

And you've now got a tag for your original fiction, "Writ and Wisdom"! Thank you! *does the Dance of Joy, then goes off to the tag to post it in desktop file for further reading*
She's letting me pick her up again. Thea doesn't like it, but she doesn't make the, "die, human, die," sounds she was making.

Welcome! I hope to add more to that tag in the near future.

unf, I feel that about having to rebuild trust between you and your cat. I've had to give Smudge medicine off and on for the last four months, and I'm taking it as a good sign he's no longer peeing on the carpet in protest and is actually starting to gain weight again.
Cats can hold grudges with the best of them. *winces* Four months is a long time, but it is good he's feeling better and gaining weight. Urination outside the litter box is never a good thing. Bleh.

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