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that went quickly

My niece is graduating high school tomorrow. I'm proud of her because I know she hates school and this graduation was questionable last year, but she was also just to my knee and in diapers a few days ago. I swear.

I know she'd be incredibly embarrassed by her aunt remembering when I used to call her Stinkerbelle (because my god did her diapers stink) and that my favorite photo of her is of her "reading" the newspaper on the toilet when she was being potty trained way back when.

Now she has a boyfriend. Now she's graduating high school. Now she's considered an adult in the eyes of the law. I'm horrified by these concepts. Not because it makes me feel old (it does a little), but there's this big wide world out there and she's got to learn how to manage it. She barely managed high school.

Can't I wrap her up in bubblewrap and put her in a closet until she's 25 and ready to deal with all the shite that comes with living? (I know that would make it worse, but I'm still tempted.)

Do they sell cards that say "Welcome to adulthood. Yeah. We knew it sucks. But welcome anyway."