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Forgive but I’m about to rant.

Character bashing…I just don’t get it. I understand that people have favorites and least favorites. I have mine but I try my damnedest to be even handed to all characters because no character is perfect!
Take Supernatural: Dean = womanizer & sometimes not that bright, Sam = Emo to the umpteenth degree & poor taste in movies (I mean he liked the new Godzilla *shudders*), John = obsessive & demanding, Bobby = …okay Bobby has no faults but you see what I mean!
If you don’t like them don’t write them and for all that is holy don’t request it in a challenge! It’s childish and so very stupid and turns off people who might have actually taken your challenge.
Also FYI: Xander was not inept! Willow was not blacked hearted! Buffy was not a heinous bitch—all the time!
Though I’ve noticed Xander fics usually attack Buffy and Willow the most. *shakes head* Did those authors forget that Xander loved both of them? That he risked his life more than once to save theirs and they did the same for him? Did they forget his ‘yellow crayon’ speech to Willow or his ‘Buffy’s a hero’ speech to the mini!Slayers? For the love of God please find a better way to put Xander up than putting Buffy and Willow down.
Here endeth the rant.
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Thank you. Also? Go you.

None of the characters were perfect and to make one act like they are (or give them sudden superhero powers or whatever) simply because they're your favorite? No. *shakes head* Not on. And then the whole "this character is like this because they acted like that in one episode or season" thing just pisses me off. Watch the other episodes for crying out loud! Ugh.

Funny, I was just thinking of ranting about something similar earlier today but I think for right now, I'll just leave it because I think you said it just fine(unless I get one more email and then forget it).
Coming from a Xander lover... "here, here!!"


Bashing 9 times out of 10 jerks me out of happy fic moments. If you point out ones faults, it's only fair to point out the other's...

I'm starting to think I liked Xander a whole lot more before I started reading Xander centered fics because they usually make him the victim of Buffy and/or Willow taunts or actions. *blinks* I never saw him that way—ever. It makes me sad and I refuse to read *any* YAHF.
In that case I need to finish my YAHF... As long as you like Quantum Leap, I think you'll like it.

Then you can't say *any*... :-)

Especially considering I have a companion fic idea from it that involves Buffy and Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure during the Halloween ep...
Preach it my friend! *raises glass* No character is perfect, they are all flawed on some degree and sometimes flawed simply by ones own perception of what is right and wrong. This is why we don't all squee and fangurl/boy over the same one character.

If you're going to write fanfiction, you've got to honor all the characters, even the ones you don't like. If you intend to write Season 4 Buffy piece, you can't make Riley an abusive boyfriend. It doesn't mesh, he wasn't abusive. Sure, a little straight laced (which I sorta adore him for) all-American QB type of guy but never abusive.

This is a bit of a broad statement, I realize that, but I find a lot of younger (age wise) authors or newbies to the fandom/show will bash. Use it as a leverage to write a piece. IE Make Riley the villain so when Dean shows up he's a hero and 'saves' Buffy.
I now very much want to write a story where Dean is the villian and Riley has to save her from him. *ponders*
I now want to feed your muse in order to get that piece. Dean could think Buffy was a demon of some sorts. Maybe Slayers don't exist in his world or Ruby could know Buffy and thus fuel his opinion that B's some sort of a demon/supernatural creature-y thing. Endless possibilities and I now really want to see you write this!
So is it horrible of me that when I saw your tagline I got all excited? *sigh* makes me happy to see other people have things to rant about as well.

And here here! I know we've had this discussion before. I don't understand why they can't just NOT WRITE the character. *sigh* It's the whole reason why Xander and Willow rarely appear in any of my fics.

And yes, while Buffy is my favorite, I'll agree she has her faults. But that's what makes her more lifelike and not the untouchable hero.

*grumbles* stupid bashers...
I try not to character bash in my fics, although I do admit to doing it a lot with characters like Kennedy and Riley. Kennedy irked me for no explainable reason; I hate Riley for the way he lied and tried to manipulate Buffy, and I'll never forgive the writers for deciding that a strong female like Buffy would run after someone who had treated her and her friends like garbage.