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Mother Nature doesn't screw around.

 So Fay is heading straight for where I live which means I probably won’t be online very much for the next few days. I have to attend a conference call at 8:00pm tonight and 8:00am tomorrow to figure out if my store is going to be closed tomorrow. Yippie? I suppose it's better than the district peps have it since their calls are at 7 and 7. 

I’m actually hoping we're open because I have a lot of freaking work to play catch up on, but I really don’t want to make that hour commute in 40 mile an hour winds either. *sigh* It’s a good thing I figured out a way to remote into our system from home so it worse comes to worst I can still do a little work… unless the power goes. Crap.

****8:30 update: Looks like we're going to be open tomorrow. Still not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing but Fay's winds have increased to 60mph.
It's all good. Fay remained just a Tropical Storm and stayed south of me so I got/had to work today.
*icon love*

All is well. Fay has past me and now I just need to watch the new storm that's forming.
:( *hugs you tightly* I hope that you make it through Fay okay.

That kinda stinks that you are going to have to drive into work with a tropical storm raging all around you...

Let me know how things work out.