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I mean, come on.

Telling people you’re just not into same-sex relationships in your author’s note does in no way give you the right to magically make gay characters straight. That is just as bad as the magical mushroom of gayness that some slash and femslash writers use to make straight characters gay.


Bad writer. No cookie.

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I personally don't mind one straight character becoming gay for the sake of a story. If you want to write a crossover story then you have no choice of which characters to use (other than Willow and Tara, and you may not like them personally). And most other fandoms have nobody to use in a pairing either.

I do hate stories however, where suddenly every single character becomes gay. I've seen them written by one author in particular and I always think- one couple could work, it's possible. But it isn't a cool club that everybody wants to join for fun, it's a massive life choice. Three couples (six people suddenly deciding that they are gay? So unlikely).

So I simply avoid reading them or commenting. It's not aimed at me anyway, so I feel I can't really judge, when other people might like that kind of story.
I have no problem with characters becoming gay if there's character development towards it or if it's just PWP and labeled as such. My issue was of an author ignoring that Tara (a character introduced as gay) being made straight because said writer just doesn't do same-sex couples. Why even use Tara then? It boogles.

And hi! *waves*
*shakes head* That is really the weakest reason ever and shows no understanding of the character. If they can't write a gay character gay then don't write the character.
Thank you! I might have had more leeway had they used a character that hadn't introduced as gay but they did and it seemed like a violation of the character to just make them straight.
I have a question then...if the author is not into same-sex relationships (and the character is gay), then why would they write a fanfiction involving to me that seems pretty stupid. I can understand if you have a character that was at one point straight (example Willow) and decided to write the story during the time that they were straight...but to be magically switching back from gay to straight makes no sense.
It seemed odd to me too. The entire fic was just off, but the author's note and then the use of Tara just grated. *shakes head* I have no clue why they even used Tara when they had Willow still with Oz. Tara wouldn't have never been a part of the Scoobies had Willow not started dating her. *sigh*
See that just doesn't make sense...unless in some warped author reality they decided that when Oz came back in the 4th season and he and Willow got back together...but there would have to be a really good reason for it...
Ugh... if you're not into same-sex relationships then just don't touch on it. Just because Willow is in a piece doesn't mean you have to have her involved. Lord knows I couldn't write Willow/Kennedy (really not a fan of Kennedy) But it certainly doesn't mean you can write her straight simply because you're not into same-sex relationships. That's like writing Angel as human because you don't like vampires. *weird face*

No cookie and a few lashings. Don't mess with the characters we love.
The part that was sad was it was Tara they made magically straight. That irritated more then if they'd used Willow and it made me just stare slack-jawed at the fic.
I think I know the fic you're speaking of. I spent the whole time going - WTF?

*shakes head* completely moronic