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Big Bang

The second chapter of Oleander Wine is up and I’m highly amused by the fact that four people are already ‘hiding’ it on TtH. *snort* I know I should be upset because of how much freaking work went into the making of this fic, but I just can’t find it in me to get worked up over it. Instead I find it both awesome and gratifying. Hee!


I also got prezzies!!! There are links to them in the second chapter of the story… yes, I’m making you read the second chapter to be able to find out what the prezzies might be. 

You can find the story on TtH or SPN Twisted, but the prezzies are only linked at TtH because the note really only worked for that site. I'll have to think up another note for SPN...  

***edit: Apparently I can't even mispell a word in my own damn journal. *grumbles* Stupid betas always editing my shit. I 'heart' you, Kel!!!

Two fantastic chapters. There's something lyrical about your writing that really draws me into the story. It may seem weird to say this but, thanks. Thanks for entertaining us with quality writing for free. It's always amazing when I get to read something this good and I don't have to pay to do it.
Wow. *blushes* That has to be one of the nicest things someone has ever said about my writing. I am going to bed all giggles and blushes now because of you. Thank you!!!