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Fic: Fairytales

Title :: Fairytales

Fandom :: Terminator

Characters :: Original

Word Count :: 200

Disclaimer :: The Terminator franchise and all related characters are copyright James Cameron, William Wisher Jr., Warner Brothers and Columbia Pictures. No infringement intended.


Synopsis :: They’d never known a world not at war. (Don’t ask me where this thing came from.)



I don’t know a world without war.


I have no happy memories of a time without metal.


I’ve heard stories. I’ve seen photos, but I don’t know it. That world doesn’t exist anymore and maybe it never did. I deal in facts. Things I can touch, taste and smell. Things I can hold in my hands.


I’m not fighting a war to regain what I’ve lost. I’ve no memories to keep me going. No thoughts to keep me calm. What I do have is my rage. It’s not a fire in my gut but a coldness in my chest. It hurts and it aches and I use that against the things that think they can enslave me. That think they can kill me.


The fact is that I don’t give a damn about a normal life. About regaining our world. I just want to end them. Is that wrong?






Now ask me if I give a fuck.


I can feel the weight of my gun. I can smell the fire just outside our bunker and taste the ash on the air. These are facts. Things I surround myself with and this is war. I don’t know anything else.


The end.

Um... I don't know?

Glad you liked it sweetie and I'm still not sure where the heck this came from.