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This meme is cheerfully yanked from jedibuttercup

Ask me any question about any of my stories/'verses/AU's, whether past or future or unwritten scenes and I will answer. This even includes the future of some verses that may potentially be spoilery. If you're really lucky, I'll give you a snippet.

Oooh! I was just rereading this 'verse so now I'm curious, lol.

How did that first meeting with Buffy and the team go during movie night in Shiny and New?

(Ooh, if you feel really generous then how did it go when they found out she'd be working with them?)
Your question prompted this reply:
A sharp knock to her front door had Buffy pulling herself up from the overstuffed cushions of her couch and onto her feet, leaving a still giggling Daniel watching the Discovery Channel and nursing his Mojito. She opened the door to another tall, blue-eyed honey who was currently treating her to a confused smile which she returned with a wider, more sure of itself grin. “Daniel’s friends?”

She made the statement a question and a pretty brunette, her hair in pigtails, squeezed her way past the tall muffin-potential guy still staring at Buffy and gave her a wide smile. “Hello! I’m Vala.”

A hand was presented in an exaggerated motion that raised Buffy’s brows even as she accepted it and motioned the guy to enter and he was passed by another woman who was also of the pretty blue-eyed camp. The blonde offered her a sheepish smile, “I’m Sam,” and a much more relaxed hand.

Buffy nodded, accepting the handshake before turning and raising her brows at the last member of Daniel’s team standing in the doorway. “Hi. I’m—”

“Buffy,” he finished for her, his mouth turned upward at the corners, “I’m Cam,” and he finally stepped over the threshold and into her home allowing Buffy to relax a bit. He hefted a case of Coors and asked, “Where can I put this?”

“Kitchen,” was Buffy’s instant reply before turning toward the occupants of her living room and prompting, “Anyone else want a Mojito?” Daniel’s hand shot up, along with his team’s brows and Buffy laughed leading Cam toward her kitchen as she asked over her shoulder, “I thought there was five of you?”

“Murray couldn’t make it this week. Family obligations.”

She accepted his readily supplied answer with a nod as she opened the refrigerator and removed the pitcher filled with lemon flavored goodness and bits of mint. She turned and tilted her head back toward the open fridge. “Make room where you can.”

“Thanks.” He took up her spot as she refreshed her drink and made another for Daniel. “So you just moved in?”

Cam’s question had her turning around and she nodded, “Yep.”

“So where are you from originally?”


“Really? I’m from Kansas.”

Buffy’s brows pulled together as she prompted, “And you have a southern accent?”

“My dad says I spent too many summers with my grandparents in South Carolina.”

Sensing more to the story Buffy asked, “And your mom?”

His smiled widened, flashing straight white teeth as he twisted the top of a beer. “She claims she raised herself a southern gentleman just like her dad.”

She laughed. “So if I need help with anything around the house I can call you?”

“Sure,” he winked, “but if you want it actually fixed you’d better call Sam.”

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Will Buffy meet Dean in the Oleander Wine-verse in the bridge story or the one you're currently plotting?
Dean and Sam will be making appearances in the bridge story, but the actual face to face meeting between Dean and Buffy won’t be happening until ‘Morning Glory.’ The bridge story is filling in the gaps and laying the ground work for the third larger story and it’s going to be much to short 15 to 20k to tell the story that will need to be told when those two meet up.

As of right now the theme song to their meeting is Archive’s ‘Fuck You’ and I think it fits Buffy’s mindset for Dean perfectly. Like to YouTube vid below.

What happened after the SGC woke BuffyBot up? From your fic To Err is Human.
“Your eyes are blue like Spikes, but your abs are not as washboard.”
You mean aside from the much confusion and mild flirtation? ;) The main premise was to tell this story in three parts: the BuffyBot’s journey to the SGC, her arrival and the team’s reaction to her and her departure.

The whole reason I wanted to write this story was because of the vision I had in my head of the BuffyBot, recently upgraded by Reese’s ‘toys’, standing on the metal plank leading up to an active wormhole as her friend was shot in the abdomen by Jack O’Neill. When Reese falls, destroyed, all but six of the replicators would deactivate, but those six would the ones Reese sent to the BuffyBot to protect her and when Jack turns on her she would wave goodbye and step backwards through the gate with her replicators quickly following.

And thus a new enemy or ally for the SGC would be born.
And I'm gonna cheat and ask two questions. Do you have anything else planned in the shape of Buffy/Michael? And are you ever planning on continuing the Doctor Who drabble series where she travels with him and eventually meets up with Jack.

*wanders off to post this in own journal*

At the moment: No, I don’t have anything more planned for Buffy and Michael, but there is chance that I might continue the ‘David’verse’ and give us more detail on why Michael was sent to infiltrate the Watcher’s Council and if he succeeded, but there’s currently nothing concrete planned.

My love for Doctor Who was nearly destroyed by CoE even though I adore the series. I’m a little broken on what to do and how to accomplish it and I know the ‘new’ Doctor won’t help because I’m firmly attached to David Tennant. Though there has been some interest perked by the reruns they’re showing on the BBC as of late.

I do know that Buffy would eventually make her way to Torchwood and Jack, but now I’m contemplating that it should happen after his jump to the future. That would be a kick in the ass, but then Buffy could rebuild Torchwood with the help of Gwen, because I actually liked her in CoE, and after a decade or so the Doctor would come to check on her and Buffy would leave with him in search of Jack.
Oooohhhh, that would be an interesting way to go with the fic. I actually liked Gwen during the miniseries as well, go figure. *nudges muse*