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Deep Thoughts by Ava

Please raise your hands if you just weren’t impressed with Jared’s, or the version the writer’s gave him, of Lucifer? There was so much cliché and contradiction wrapped into such a short time it made my head hurt. How can Lucifer admit that the reason behind his fall was his ambivalence towards humanity and still walk around in a human body? Hello, my name is hypocrisy, and unless this little side note is explained (IE he needs the vessel to interact on this plan) then this is a plot hole you could drive a truck through.


I thought Castiel of the future was funny, but again I’m confused as to why Castiel wouldn’t have passed away with his power. Where is Jimmy? Does this future version of Castiel have split personalities or did Castiel completely fry poor Jimmy’s soul the second time he took over?


I do admit that I cheered when Lucifer stepped on Dean of the future’s neck to break it. The casual, he’s really not that important, end was perfectly anti-climatic and, in all honesty, Dean of the future deserved it. I am disappointed that we didn’t know what caused Sam to say yes and that interests me more then Dean’s tears and remorse.

I definitely think something was lacking in Jared's performance, it was a whole almost there but not quite that made me sad, it also makes me feel bad in thinking that if they would have given Jensen the same role he would have knocked it out of the park.

I absolutely loved the episode as a whole and I think I am helped by the fact that I know next to nothing about the bible and I never really cared for it. What's in my television shows as close as I get to religion, although I do think the writers could make more of an effort to read the texts closer for those watching that do have the knowledge.

I am admit I am solely in if for the Winchesters and Castiel, I have been watching this show for 5 years now and I am too attached to stop. I think Jensen played dual role amazingly well, and while I wish they would have made more of an effort to rough future Dean up a bit and make him look different the acting was definitely better than I've seen on most tv show and even movies.

I think Castiel' story in particular was heart wrenching, the promos showed it as funny but future Castiel was so dead inside and miserable.

Oh and a theory someone had on my flist about Castiel and Jimmy is most likely Jimmy was killed when Cas exploded at the end of last season and that the body Cas is in is solely his, there was even a theory that his soul (being all angel like and massively powerful) is now fused with the body much like human souls are to theirs. Not sure on this theory but I do like it, it leaves a lot to think about.

(and BTW I LOVE the Buffy icon so much)