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Deep Thoughts by Ava

Please raise your hands if you just weren’t impressed with Jared’s, or the version the writer’s gave him, of Lucifer? There was so much cliché and contradiction wrapped into such a short time it made my head hurt. How can Lucifer admit that the reason behind his fall was his ambivalence towards humanity and still walk around in a human body? Hello, my name is hypocrisy, and unless this little side note is explained (IE he needs the vessel to interact on this plan) then this is a plot hole you could drive a truck through.


I thought Castiel of the future was funny, but again I’m confused as to why Castiel wouldn’t have passed away with his power. Where is Jimmy? Does this future version of Castiel have split personalities or did Castiel completely fry poor Jimmy’s soul the second time he took over?


I do admit that I cheered when Lucifer stepped on Dean of the future’s neck to break it. The casual, he’s really not that important, end was perfectly anti-climatic and, in all honesty, Dean of the future deserved it. I am disappointed that we didn’t know what caused Sam to say yes and that interests me more then Dean’s tears and remorse.

Love your episode thoughts always get my mind going.

I wasn't impressed with Jared's version of Lucifer. Now whether that be from the writer's or from Jared's acting I can't decide. I've just seen him act much stronger in previous scenes and this seemed lacking. Lucifer just isn't what I envision as Lucifer nor is he what I get from the bible. I felt SPN/Jared's Lucifer lacked that lure that I perceive.

I don't really agree with some of the points that SPN has gone with then it comes to some of their bible aspects. I suppose that's where 'creative licensing' comes in. Still, it irks me a bit.

Yeah the whole Castiel thing brings lots of questions. Do you think they just wanted to go for a complete opposite? Or do you think Jimmy almost got soul burned and when he was 'abandoned' he just couldn't deal with everything so we got 5 year future Castiel??

I figured Sam said yes because he felt abandoned and Lucifer kept on him, luring him closer, but I think THAT would've made for some interesting TV.