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big bang

So it’s been a little while since I updated the f-list on the big bang fic’age. I’ve hit 11,400 words and I’ve still got five more scenes to write from my original draft and there are three more I am contemplating mixing in. Especially since I’ve re-watched more then a few season one and two episodes and I’ve realized that Xander is pretty damn important to Buffy at this point in her life and he really should be playing a bigger role in this series. A Xander centered scene is one of the three on the yay or nay block and since he’s also a character I’ve always had a hard time writing I think I should challenge myself to write more of him—snippets at a time of course. ;)


A few of you wanted a playlist, and I will get that out eventually, but I did create a wordle for the newest story in the series and since I can’t share sneak peeks because that would be against the big bang rules I can share this with you. A wordle takes the top two hundred words (you can choose how many words, I picked two hundred) and creates a piece of oddity. I played with mine until I found it pretty and not surprisingly Buffy is the largest word in the piece. Hee!


I also wanted to point everyone towards the website chosen art where the ever loverly Dana has created several a’fuckin’mazing manips and wallpapers that were inspired by Oleander Wine. She really is too good to me, but I’m so not complaining. *squishes you*