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big bang

I am a little over 15000 words and on the final scene for the big bang that is due tomorrow. I had to leave out the three scenes tickling my muse because my muse, the fickle bitch that she is, up and left me stranded for about two weeks worth of writing time. It sucks that Xander is only being mentioned in passing, but a scene staring him would taken me several days to iron out and I just don’t have that kind of time.

With this story there is definite foreshadowing for the third and it’s making me all excited and bouncy at the prospect of writing it, but to hold you all off till posting time here are some of the songs from my playlist for this series.

Fuck You – Archive

I can not describe how the lyrics to this song so accurately portray Buffy’s feelings towards Dean in this series. It’s so damn prefect I’m pretty sure I over-shared all plot concepts and devices to Pol when I found it and, of course, forced her to listen to it as well. This is the song I listen to, on repeat, whenever I am plotting any of the stories and it seriously works like a charm at bringing me back to Buffy’s mindset in this series.

Can’t believe you were once just like anyone else,

then you grew and became like the devil himself.

Pray to God I can think of a nice thing to say,

but I don’t think I can so fuck you anyway.

Aenema – Tool

This is my Bobby song at the moment and while I adore the lighter to side to Bobby’s character he has definite darker undertones and this song just strikes those cords for me. The lyrics are offhanded, but the thoughts behind them are just twisted. I particularly love the repeat of, “Learn to swim,” that is chanted over and over in the background of the song.

Some say the end in near

Some say we’ll see Armageddon soon

I certainly hope we will

I sure could use a vacation from this

Suicide Note – Johnette Napolitano

This is my Faith and Buffy song, the one that played in the background as I wrote the scenes between those two characters because it just meshes so well with how those characters see one another in this series.

I wanted to believe as I

watched you world crumble in your hands.

I wanted to believe as you

raised your glass to your last stand.

And I wanted to believe you would win

the war in your head,

that I did not understand.

That I did not understand

I Just Got Back From Hell – Gary Allan

I think this one is pretty much self explanatory, but it’s the song that I always start with when I’m writing a Willow scene because I think it encompasses how Buffy feels towards her best friend.

Well I just got back from Hell

and I guess to tell the truth.

Well, I’ve been mad at everyone, including God and you.

When you can’t find no one to blame

you just blame yourself

And I know I’ll never be the same

I just got back from Hell.

Hurt – Nine Inch Nails

Johnny Cash did an amazing remake of this song, but the original, for me, is by far superior. The quiet pain and rage in Reznor’s voice is just superb and this song encompasses Buffy and Dean—especially Dean—after hell.

You could have it all.

My empire of dirt.

I will let you down.

I will make you hurt.

There are several more songs that encompass this series and this new story in particular, but I’ll save those for another post and I will leave you with a teaser for the third story and the big scene, that I think most people are waiting for in this story, already has a song and that would be ‘Judith’ by A Prefect Circle. Read into that song what you wish, but I will not be giving spoilers even if you ask nicely.

*BOUNCE BOUNCE* I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait! :D *BOUNCE BOUNCE*

The music sounds very fitting for the characters and I can't wait to see how it has influenced your writing and direction of plot.

Can you tell I'm excited? ;)
It will be posted sometime between Dec 21-25 as per the crossover big bang rules and such. I did make my post for my artist, but I have not been in contact with them and I'm not worried if I get one or not because you've made so many fantabulous works already for this series. *huggles you*

Excited is good. It makes me excited and I need that after the last scene turned out completely differnt then I intended, but you can't argue with the characters when the tell you what way they want to go. ;)
*grin* and more will most likely be made after I start reading this one too. *huggles back* My muse seems to be in love with you and yours. I even think she's got an altar around here somewhere ;) But I'm sorry to hear that the artist hasn't gotten in touch with you since he/she did after all sign up and SHOULD be filling their end of the the bargain as well.

No, they have a tendency to bring out a gun or two in that case if you do. (Dean: Can I shoot her? Sam: Not in public. ;)) But I do like it when that happens because then you're really absorbed in the story and it goes deeper in you than just "a regular fic", which is something I love with any writer. That's what differentiate you from the rest. (yeah, can't spell that word even if I wanted to ;))

I keep going back and looking at the word jumble just to figure out what's going on, but of course it doesn't tell me ANYTHING (damn that vague jumble!) and I'm left with an "but but but but I WANNA KNOOOOOOW" *lol* ;D

The excitement level might just have risen one notch now :) (hence the rant)
I've heard some of these, but not Fuck You, so I'm listening to it right know what's fucked up? I've got AIM going too, and somebody keeps signing in and out during the lyric pauses, so I keep getting "dirty pop!" and I'm laughing so hard.
*snort* Dirty pop? Nice.

Yeah, 'Fuck You' is an interesting song and I definitely bounced with glee when I heard it.