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Deep Thoughts by Ava

My first thought after the episode ended was: What are the other four things? Referring to Lucifer’s comment that there are five things the Colt can’t kill and he’s one of them. I am going to assume that God is one of the other four things, but I am still curious as to the other three. Of course I could be wrong and the other four things are the Four Horsemen—now that could be interesting.

I am curious as to why and the hell Castiel, Dean and Sam assumed/hoped the Colt would work on the devil. He’s not a demon, the creature the Colt was intended to be used against, he’s an angel and if they wanted to test it out then they should have summoned another angel and attempted to shoot them or, hell, shot Castiel. At least then they would have known whether or not the Colt would work on an ANGEL.

Now I’m sure you all know that I adored Ellen and sorta liked Jo. I couldn’t say I liked what I saw of Jo this season because she barely spoke, so I’m sticking with my original ‘she’s eye candy for Dean’ assessment of her from season two, but damn if I can’t respect what she did. No, I didn’t cry when the two bite it, apparently I’m heartless, I actually thought they were brilliant and utterly pointless deaths. In no way did their deaths progress the plot other then to get Sam and Dean outta Dodge and I’m certain they would have come up with something. Though why were the hellhounds left to their own devices when they obviously would have ripped Sam apart had they tried to escape via stupidly? Doesn’t Lucifer need Sam?

I kinda loved the Castiel and Lucifer interaction and I really, really want to see more scenes with them together. Castiel going badass on Meg was just fun and kinda heartless which made me like his character all the more and it gives another dimension to him. I’m interested to see where they go with him during the rest of this season because I am already a wee bit tired of him as Dean’s patsy. He’s supposed to be an angel for Pete’s sake, not the butt of all of Dean’s jokes. *commence eye roll*

I will end these thoughts with the true and tested fact that Bobby owns my heart and I would prefer to see either brother eat it before him. What? Don’t look at me like that. We all know that Kripke would bring those lucky bastards back, but Bobby, well Bobby, would just be gone and I’m not sure I could accept that.

I finally got to watch the ep and...

My first thought after the episode ended was: What are the other four things?

Great minds think alike. :-) I was sitting on the couch ticking my fingers trying to figure it out. The Four Horseman could work... although God was first to come to mind.
I'm all sorts of curious to see what the Colt can't kill now. It interests almost more then what the hell Sam and Dean are gonna do now. ;)
*smoochies* And as I read this, my brain goes, uh huh, yup, my thoughts exactly.

My other wtf question, is why did they go into that town with just the four of them? There are other hunters out there, why didn't they call for more backup? I know that's really not Sam and Dean's style, but someone should have brought it up.

I'm not a huge fan of Jo, but I did like Ellen. I didn't start getting upset until I realized she was going to stay behind. I'm blaming the rampaging hormones. *bobs head furiously*

And I would rather not see Castiel in these eps unless they are going to use him for a good purpose, not Dean's errand/messenger boy. I totally agree. He's a freakin' angel. Okay, so maybe he's cut off from heaven's grace, but still, an angel. grrr

I can't figure out why they thought the gun would kill Lucifer either. *rolls eyes* But I am liking the guy who's playing Lucifer. And I agree, I want to know the other four things as well.

And on a side note, I'm highly jealous that you aren't working retail this year as I'm gearing up for Black Friday. *shudders*
Maybe all the other hunters were smart and thought the plan crazy stupid so they didn't back them. We call them the smart hunters. ;)

As soon as Jo said her plan I knew there was no way Ellen was gonna leave her side and it's a good thing she didn't.

I is sorry about Black Friday. *squishes*

Oh and by the way: I MISS YOU!!!