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big bang

So the big bang is finished and currently at the beta’s waiting to be, or being, beta’ed. Yayness! I kinda love and kinda hate this filler fic because it raised more questions then answers for me and now I know I need to do a series of snippets and ficlets to fill in the blanks. And yes, I realize this was a filler story to help patch up some of the time between Oleander Wine and Morning Glory, but dammit my muse decided that Buffy had already met certain characters and seen different things and I need to know how these things happened and why. The ending of the story even makes me want to keep going ‘cause I want to know what happens in Texas! *growls*

Oh wells. I do have some good news on the ‘Here be Dragons’ sequel and that is while I was writing the big bang story I did manage to get another scene of that written at the same time and I think I only have two more scenes before it’ll be ready to be posted. I’m also digging how the Derek storyline is playing out in my head and that makes me want to write it.

On the Anita Blake front I have finally decided what the second chapter/story will be and I think I’m ready to start plotting it out and thinking up snippets of dialogue. (I’m surprised at all the hits that one chapter garnered, but I guess there still is a super huge Anita fan base.) My only clue as to this one is expect to see an Anita Blake version of Lilah Morgan and no, she’s not going to have a nifty powerup. Why? Because she’s Lilah Morgan and she doesn’t need anything to make her more awesome.

Texas?! HA! Spoiler-ahoy! :D I love that this series has sucked you in so much that you're just gonna keep writing and writing and writing and.. uh.. you get my drift ;D

Did I mention *BOUNCE BOUNCE*? :D Can't wait for the last week before christmas, it's gonna be LEGEN- wait for it........


DARY!!! LEGENDARY!! :D &hearts &hearts &hearts &hearts
*giggles* This series has definitely sucked me in, but at least I'm not alone. ;)

And yay for the 'legen...dary.' Hee!