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Title :: Omnipresence is a Bitch

Title :: Omnipresence is a Bitch
Rating :: FR15
Disclaimer :: Stargate SG-1 and all related characters are copyright Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Showtime and the SciFi Network. No infringement intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.
Spoilers :: All of BtVS and all of Stargate the show and ‘The Ark of Truth

Note :: Sequel to ‘Waiting Dark’ and yay for the muse liking Stargate again!

Omnipresence is a Bitch

The stunned and nearly disorientated look of the Doci left Daniel with some sense of satisfaction as the Ark shut off and the room dimmed considerably as he pushed himself up from his place beside the wall where Adria had tossed him moments ago. His head turned, body angling as he rolled onto his hands and knees and trained his gaze on the ascended being as she rolled her eyes. His brows dropped, having expected a more volatile reaction he couldn’t help, but feel a nagging sense of disappointment.

“That was rather anticlimactic, don’t you think?” Daniel rose slowly to his feet as Adria’s entire demeanor changed. Her haughty pose slumped, shoulders rolling forward as she crossed her arms and lifted her face skyward, directing her voice at the ceiling as she mocked, “Come out, come out. Wherever you are.”

White light engulfed the corridor beyond Tomin and Teal’c as both struggled to their feet and Vala continued to gaze at her daughter in confusion. Daniel turned away from Adria and her disturbing lack of reaction as the light grew in intensity before folding inward to take the form of Morgan Le Fay. The other ascended stepped forward, the long length of her white gown dragging across the earth-toned marble as she made her way closer to Adria. “I have come to stop you.”

“Have you?” Adria’s brows rose. “You’ve come to stop me or Adria?”

Daniel’s head swiveled back toward the leader of the Ori with her question as Doci shuddered and rose to his feet. There was a sway to his thin form as he muttered, stumbling back from Adria, “Mia clementia denar esto.”

The brown of Adria’s eyes flared a brilliant orange as she glared at her second and took a step forward. “You were blind? Really?” Her form rippled, flared as she finished with, “Let me show real truths.”

Daniel stumbled back against the wall as Adria’s form spread outward, replaced by the image of a horned beast before it swept forward and into the Doci. He stumbled under the weight of the presence of it as Morgan Le Fay’s dark gaze widened and met Daniel’s as the Doci’s back arched and he gasped, head thrown back in a silent scream toward the high arched ceiling. A spasm wracked his slim frame before another stepped from his back and Daniel frowned at Adria’s new form.

The Doci fell to his knees once more, gasping from breath and body shaking as this new Adria turned a narrowed glare on Morgan Le Fay and cocked her hip, arms crossing once more. “Your move.”

Daniel eased his way away from the wall as the Ancient studied the Ori with wide, startled eyes and he ignored Vala’s grasping hands as he eased past her to his place beside Morgan Le Fay and looked into pale green eyes as he frowned at the being before him. “You’re not Adria.”

“She is not.” The soft words of the Doci stiffened Daniel’s spine even as the rest of his team and Tomin moved to stand at his back. The Doci rose, hands straightening the lines of his robe as he turned and presented Daniel and the others with his blackened gaze. With slow, precise steps he moved to stand at this new enemy’s side as settled his condescending stare on Daniel. “She is beyond Origin, beyond the Ori. She is truth.”

“Amen?” questioned the new Adria and Daniel turned his glare on the small blonde masquerading as something more, she raised her brow in challenge.

Morgan Le Fay shook her head, lifted it to meet the other being’s gaze as she stated, “You can not do this.”

“I think I’ve already done it.”

“It is forbidden. Our treaty—”

The other being stepped forward, eyes narrowing as she interrupted Morgan Le Fay with, “Our treaty was for a time when we were equals. I think I’ve established that I’m beyond your petty rules.”

“I will stop you.”

“Will you?” A pointed chin rose, thrusting forward as petite blonde arched a perfectly shaped brow. “You and what army?”

Daniel frowned at her comeback and rolled his shoulders back, wincing slightly when he shifted his wounded arm and stated, voice certain, “Us.”
Those green eye shifted from Morgan Le Fay to Daniel and he held himself steady under her quiet scrutiny before she laughed, head thrown back and long blonde hair shimmering in the subtle light of the room. The Doci gave his new savior a confused look before she regained her composure and stared at Daniel with amusement in her eyes. “Such anger in this one,” she turned back to Morgan Le Fay, “no wonder your kind didn’t like him.”

Daniel shifted, stole a quick glance at Morgan Le Fay before turning back to the being before them even as Teal’c moved forward a step to stand at his side. “You’re not Adria. We’ve established that. So who are you?”

“Want to take this one?” A nose with slight indents on either side of the tip wrinkled as she once again rolled her eyes and stated, “I didn’t think so.”

“You speak in riddles.”

She arched a brow with Teal’c’s quiet observation. “Not really. That’s more their thing. I’m a straight forward kinda gal.”

“So tell us who you or what you are?” Daniel shifted, tired of the byplays and undercurrents and of higher beings using humans as nothing more then pawns.

“Do you wish to know what lurks in the hearts of men, Daniel?” Her head inclined, lips moving upward into a subtle smile as she offered, quietly, “me.”

His brows slopped downward, but it was Vala that questioned, voice uncertain, “What does that mean?”

“You think you can fight me?” Those green eyes shifted toward Morgan Le Fay, but her words for Daniel and the others. “I am beyond the Ori, beyond the Ancients. You’ll never see me, but I am everywhere.” Her head turned, slowly back toward Daniel and she said her last words to him. “I am in every planet. Every being. Every thought—”

“She is evil.”

Morgan Le Fay finally spoke and Daniel stiffened, turned towards her even as the being standing before them chided, “Are you interrupting me? You know how I hate that.”

“She is the First Evil.” Daniel swallowed at the slight quaver in Morgan Le Fay’s voice before she turned, her gaze filled with an unspoken apology. “This war is far from over.”

“She’s right.” Daniel turned back to the being called the First Evil and saw the slow malicious smile that spread across her pretty features as she added, “It’s only just begun.”

There was a slight pull and twist as Morgan Le Fay dissipated into her first form and the light from her essence swept outward and Daniel felt himself drawn inward. The world tightened and brightened before it dimmed and he found himself aboard the Odyssey and before the very confused, very surprised other members of his team. He spun, took in the weary faces of Vala, Teal’c and Tomin before he settled his confusion on Morgan Le Fay as Sam sputter back to life with a startled shout of, “Where are we?”

Daniel glance over to see her making several adjustments on the screen before her as the ascended being sighed, “You are back in, what you refer to as, the Milky Way Galaxy,” she turned her tired stare to Daniel, “And this is where I must take my leave of you.”

“Is what you said true?”

His quiet plea was met with a tired smile. “It is.”

“Then how will you defeat her?”

“I do not know.”

And with those parting words Morgan Le Fay once again melded back into an effervescent cloud before floating upward and through the ceiling. Daniel frowned after her even as Mitchell asked, voice more then a little confused, “What just happened?”

“Don’t look to me. I have no idea.”

Daniel shook his head at Vala’s readily supplied answer before offered, “Apparently there’s a bigger, badder version of an ascended being out there and they now have control of the Ori army.”

Vala nodded and pointed to Daniel, “What he said.”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

Mitchell’s growled words drew a humorless smile from Daniel. “I wish to God I were.”