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big bang

So the second ‘big bang’ story is complete and posted and I’ve met my New Years Resolution of having 500,000 words posted to TtH by 2010. I know that’s not the largest word count for an author on TtH, but it’s one I’m damn proud of and I plan to shoot 600,000 in 2011. Here’s to hoping ‘Morning Glory’ tops that all on its own though I’m shooting for 75,000.

I never know how long a story is going to be until I start writing it and which scenes are going to steal my muse, but Faith and her storyline have definitely stolen her. She’s all sorts of excited and bouncy with the thought of writing Faith’s Tento di Cruciamentum and Buffy’s run in with Dean. Though I’m much more interesting in creating a realistic/creepy vampire for Faith to face off against—I do so love research. *bounces*

Well it’s Christmas Eve and I still have prezzies to wrap and eggnog to drink. Where’d I put that brandy?