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Deep Thoughts by Ava

So you all know that I have not been terribly impressed with this season of Supernatural. To be honest it’s a mixture of poor story telling and acting by Jared. This season has really showcased that Jensen has just has more experience, not necessarily talent, then Jared which is a shame. I think the writers are giving Jared a chance to show himself, but often times he seems to go to far which is both his bad and the director’s. Sometimes it just hurts to watch him and that upsets me because Sam was the character that drew me into the show because in the first few episodes I saw Dean was just an asshole. *shrugs*
So onto the episode itself: I actually liked the humor in this particular episode. They handled it in a way that it didn’t completely overshadow the horror that was happening. I really enjoyed the nudity of the opening scene with the couple that literally ate each other to death with the nudity of the Cupid. It managed to lighten the squick factor of the opening sequence—which was indeed squicky.
Castiel constantly devouring red meat was highly amusing throughout the episode and it did prove the theory that Jimmy is still present within Castiel. Which brings up all sorts of questions as to what happens to Jimmy if/when Castiel becomes human in the future.
The completely broken aspect of Dean was interesting and possibly very true. Though a part of my thinks there’s more to Dean not being influenced by the Horsemen and that will take a bigger role later on in the season. The episodes ending scene was rather brilliant. I think Dean actually breaking down and praying to a God he doesn’t necessarily believe in was both sad and kinda full circle with last season’s finale. I do think that something has to give in Dean and soon, but I’m not sure what or which way it’s going to or should give.
I have to admit though that I really want both boys to say yes. If only so I can see a showdown between Lucifer and Michael. I’m a twisted little thing. I know. *beams*
Yeah, that opening scene is probably one of the squickiest scenes ever for the show. *partially covers eyes*

And I think the fact that something of Jimmy (however it's there) is enough to allow Castiel to be affected is interesting and I wonder if they'll actually do something with it, or allow it to fall to the wayside like they do with other things. Plus, I wonder if he's affected by his host because he's cut off from heaven. We've seen how that's affecting him more and more in regards to his powers.

I actually loved Cupid and that Cas was just as uncomfortable dealing with him as Dean was. I think it shows just how much Sam's character has changed, however, in that he had a hard time being the sensitive one. Oh, just had a thought, (I'm basing this on my observations from last week of watching the ep once and having a ton of things happen since then) that maybe he was already being influenced by Hunger. Just random stray thought.

And you know I'm with you on the whole them both saying yes cause I really don't see how they can get around it. And remember, we both wanted Dean to go to hell and see how well that worked out for season 4!

And I know I had more things to say, but my miserable little girl is demanding attention. (she had her first round of shots today and she's not a happy camper about it) *hugs*