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Evil? Who me?

So on Saturday night SyFy (why did they change their name again?) showed Hostel and Hostel II and I was enthralled with the torture!porn. Those movies were so very reminiscent of the early Saw movies that I nearly tossed my cookies, but in a good way. So of course a plot bunny was born and now I have a 1900 word or so ficlet crossing BtVS with the Hostel movie series and now I am waiting till tomorrow to send it off to beta and to read it over one last time to make sure it has the proper tone I was going for… IE creepy/scary
I wonder if jrabbit intended his ‘To Boldly Go…’ challenge to inspire people to write more in the horror genre or if I’m just that twisted of a bunny that I saw this franchise and wondered what Faith and Buffy would do? *bounces* Oh yes, there will be blood. *beams*

I woke up this morning half-expecting to see torture!porn in my inbox!

I look forward, er...something, to reading it tonight. :)