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Title: Saving the World

Title ::Saving the World
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Fandom :: Resident Evil, BtVS
Prompt :: 24 Anger
Disclaimer :: Resident Evil and all related characters are copyright of Shinji Mikami, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Capcom. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No infringement intended.

Saving the World

Exhaustion crawled its way over Jim Knable’s body as he made his way across the small field of people to the helicopter that would evacuate him and several others from the quarantined area. He’d spent the day administering his quick-test, a test he had pioneered by streamlining several standard blood tests to test for the virus infecting most of the inhabitants of Raccoon City, and night had fallen with him only having taken one fifteen minute break to inhale two donuts. The ever helpful Major Cain had been more the willing to allow him more time and food, but Jim could see the lines upon lines of people attempting to leave and declined the friendly offers.

Which made putting one foot in front of the other a difficult thing and before he knew it, Jim stumbled. Nearly falling and with a wince he caught himself on the side of one of the multiple SUVs set up around the evacuation area and jarred his already injured hand. He lifted it, tired eyes taking in the fact that his band-aid had slipped off again. He frowned, wondering when that had happened and shrugged before quickening his stride to the helicopter as its motor turned on. The harsh sound of the rotors cutting through the air made him flinch as he reached the door and put one foot inside when a strong hand caught his shoulder and yanked him back.

He blinked, falling away from the opening and saw the surprised faces of those inside before he spun, ready to finally snap at someone. Only to hesitate, a petite blonde, with a grip tighter then most of Umbrella’s security officers, was searching his face as a line appeared between her brows. Jim looked passed her to see Major Cain making his way towards them and sighed in relief before offering the woman a sheepish smile. “Is there a problem?”

Green eyes narrowed and then widened as she dropped his arm. “You’re infected.”

The soft words were almost lost under the sound of the helicopter’s rotors and Jim shook his head, took a step forward and frowned when she took one back. “I’m not.” Major Cain was nearly on them and Jim turned, sent him a pleading look as frustration and the first stirring of anger threaded his voice, “Major, thank goodness. Please help me explain to this woman that I’m not infected.”

The Major nodded with a pleasant smile and Jim turned back to the small blonde and frowned harder at the horrified look on her face before something heavy and solid slammed into the side of his head. The smell of ozone was overpowering and Jim tasted copper for a split second before he toppled forward to land face down in the dirt, dead.
Yikes. Poor Buffy being the one to declare him infected only to see him killed in front of her because of it.

And yay for more to this fic! I was worried you had left it behind. And are you excited for the next movie?
Good God, yes! I wanna see it now. Expect for the small fact that Olivera won't be in it. *pouts* I adored him.

I wanted to explain how the world doesn't become infected in this verse and in the novelization of the third movie Jim Knable is the poor shmuch to infect the world so he did kinda have to die.