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Little help?

There wouldn’t happen to be anyone on my f-list that knows a little Latin and could help me figure out something for the hell!Buffy’verse, would there?

I don't know Latin, but one of my friends does. She might be able to help, depending on what it is.
The Latin word for 'chosen' as in the Slayer way chosen. I've found a tone of useful sites, but none of them narrow down the different meanings and it's driving me bonkers and I really don't want to purchase the Latin dictionary I found on Amazon for one word... *grumbles*

If your friend could help that would muchly appreciated.
According to my friend, the word you're looking for is Electus. To quote her, "That's the nominative form, as in subject of the sentance." Hope that helps.
See I had found electus, but I wasn’t entirely certain that was correct since it’s a verb and ‘chosen’ is a title… of course it could be considered a verb since they are in fact chosen. Hmmm
idDay ouyay eanmay isthay indkay ofway atinLay?


*ducks thrown object*
I know crap about Latin, but had to do a drive by huggles. I totally need to get online one night when the munchkin cooperates and I don't feel like I'm about to collapse from exhaustion.

Miss you!!! *huggles tightly*

BTW, read your recent fics and love the both. I'm totally going to give you actual reviews this week, even if it kills me.

No worries on reviews. I know your life is super busy. I do miss you though.

*huggles tight*

***Edit: Supper means something completely different then super.

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