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April Showers, May Flowers – Route66 Event

“The world’s favorite season is spring. All things seem possible in May.” – Edwin Way Teale

From April 6th to April 19th the moderators of Route66 will be accepting prompts to write an original drabble, ficlet or short story that will be posted during the month of May. We hope to have enough prompts so that every day during the month of May we will have something new to share.

Any member can give as many prompts as they desire, but we, the moderators, will only be required to write one. There is a chance more of your prompts will stir our muses, but we only promise one response per person.

Please respond to the ‘Prompt Us!’ thread, on Route66, with your prompts and make sure you preference what rating you’re willing read up to, we don’t want to write the sweaty for someone who won’t appreciate or like it, and the prompts can be anything from a color, a song, a quote and so on.

Be creative, have fun and of course keep it Buffy/Dean!
Re: Looks fun!
You know your muse is MIA when you're having a hard time even coming up with prompts...