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Miles to Go

So I’ve written a whole lot of nothing concerning this series as of late because I’ve been focusing on other fandoms and Rt66 which is a mixed blessing. Mixed because I’d hoped to be at least halfway complete with Morning Glory and be three ficlets into the side-stories by now, but by not focusing solely on this series my muse has been free to stretch and play and now I’m itching to get back to it.

Is May over yet?


So far I have completed only three scenes for Morning Glory, but my brother, the dear man that he is, did get me Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s ‘Faust; Parts I and II’ (translated from German of course) for my birthday and yes, I’ve already read them. Though truth be told this particular version won’t work for my Faust because this story depicts him getting out of his pact with Mephistopheles (again, not the character I’m using) and being claimed by heaven. I liked the Part I better the Part II because it was darker and little more twisted, but the character of Gretchen, Faust’s love/infatuation, does interest me because she was as corrupt as he was so she might make it into the story.


The song currently playing on repeat as I plot is Lissie’s “Everywhere I Go” which apparently was featured in the finale episode of Dollhouse, but I never got past the second episode of that show so I wasn’t introduced to it until a few days ago.  I think it works for Buffy’s mindset towards the middle of the story and Faith’s at the end and yes, this story will flip back and forth between Buffy’s plotline and Faith’s. Is it odd that I’ve already plotted Faith’s birthday weekend in this ‘verse?

I just love that this story is burning a hole in your mind, trying to get out. :D What I enjoy so much about these types of stories is when the writer does his/her homework if they're going outside the fandom to bring in something else. There's so many ways that can go wrong, and it always worries me whenever they mention something along those lines in a summary. But with you, no worry is ever needed. I think my obsession with this series has gone to new heights and I might have to kick my muse this weekend ;)

Another corrupt character, and female counterpart to Faust, might be an interesting thing to bring in. That means they're being hit from two sides so to speak and IDK, I see lots of potential in that! :)

I LOVE that song! Been obsessing over it since the end of Dollhouse (*BAAAAWL*) and I'm glad you've finally stumbled upon it! And it's also a nice hint for when making something related to the series *nudge* ;) but I agree that it is perfect, and I base that on just having read the other two stories. But it feels like it fits. Might have to look at my own music library and recommend some music for ya, see what you think. ;) (I'm still loving the hate song.. forgot the name of it though.. no wait! "Fuck you"! HA! take that bad memory! *shakes head* where was I? oh right, end of parenthesis)

Definitely not odd, and I'm curious to see where you'll be going with Faith and how her cruciamentum(sp?) will go and how Buffy will react to it.

and oh please tell me she's meeting the Winchesters very soon! I neeeed to "see" that *grin* :D

(guess this turned into another one of my fluff-comments.. but I can't help it. I'm a big fan!)
I have a small obsession with research. I’m aware of this and not even Demona can stop me from going overboard, though God bless her, because she does try. *whispers* I even research the clothing the characters wear to ensure A) they would actually wear it and B) that it’s functional towards the scene. I do admit that the serial killer research for Faith’s Cruciamentum opponent is both fun and disturbing because I’m pulling background tidbits from three different serial killers to create this particular vampire.

Gretchen wouldn’t necessarily be in the story, again she made it to heaven, though how I’m not sure when she poisoned her mother so that she and Faust could spend more time together and then drowned the child they shared out of wedlock when she thought Faust was leaving her. *shakes head* She’s a twisted, love-struck thing in that story. I’m leaning more towards Gretchen playing an influence over how Faust treats and manipulates Buffy since several scenes will be told from his POV in this story in the series. I think Buffy is actually who he considers his female counterpart in all of this—I still haven’t entirely figure out the dynamic between Faust and Buffy and it probably won’t happen until I’m writing it. I know their history, but not their present which is all sorts of fun.

Recommend away. I’m always willing to listen to knew songs and perhaps they’ll inspire me to write those ficlets sitting on the back burner. *glances at them* Sorry guys. I really am.

The Winchesters meeting up with Buffy does happen in this story, but more towards the middle then the beginning and I’m thinking the showdown will surprise people because it’s not what everyone is expecting or at least Demona doesn’t think it is. *nods* Fun, bloody times ahead.

*whispers* There might even be a cameo, that could lead to something larger, of Oliver Pike.