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So Route 66 has new, never before posted, stories being posted to it this month. So if you like the pairing of Buffy/Dean then you should go and check these stories out. There’s a chance I won’t post any of the stories I’ve written for the ‘April Showers, May Flowers Challenge’ to anywhere else. So Route 66 is the only place you can go to read them. I’m just sayin’ is all. :)


I’ve also realized my obsession with Damon is bordering on unhealthy. *nods* I don’t even like the show, but Damon is my guilty pleasure so therefore I watched nearly the entire first season of the Vampire Diaries. I do admit that I find Bonnie interesting and with Katie Cassidy joining the show next season I will more then likely continue on watching, but my panty combusting crush on Damon is the main reason. Why is dirtyrottennastybad so damn sexy?


I need a Damon icon. I do, I do, I do.


Katie is joining VD?!! THAT'S AWESOME :D

(unlike you, this show is my number two of favorite shows on tv right nao! SPN keeping number 1 of course ;D)
IMDB lied to me and Katie Cassidy will not be on next season. *whimpers* I'll still be watching because of Damon.

I remember the book series becoming pretty cringe worthy back in the day and the Elena/Stefan romance just irks me. Less star crossed loves and more shut the fuck up.