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Little Help?

I think I’ve made a breakthrough on the sequel to the Here Be Dragons’verse. I am going to use Los Angeles’ mythology/legend on the 'Lizard People' as a basis for the bunkers Faith and Buffy are creating beneath the city and filling with supplies. One of them will be their homebase that’s guarded by two puppies.


Why? Because the Resistance uses/ed dogs to ferret out the metal and besides they might want more companionship then just themselves. I do admit to being a little stuck on puppy names. I’m  kinda leaning towards Faith calling hers Boss, which’ll be short for Boston, but Buffy’s is a completely blank.


I can’t see her naming the dog in memory of a fallen person because I think she’d see that as one) disrespectful to that person’s memory and two) possibly a jinx on her pup. I personally like the name Charlie for a dog, but I don’t know if that’s a name Buffy would use. I don’t think future!Buffy would give her dog a fluffy name and I’m leaning towards them both having male dogs, but I could make Buffy’s female.

Any suggestions?  


Hav you considereds simply naming the dog Mr. Gordo, or Gordo? Or even just Mister? I think it's the kind of thing Buffy would do, post apocalypse. Especially if the dogs are meant for companionship more than just simply as tools. And Boss and Mister would sound kinda cool together.
Gordito/Gordita seems a little cutesy and something more present!Buffy would name them and not future!Buffy-like.

*ponders Mister*