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Miles to Go

So while reading AOL news I was sent to a youtube link that introduced me to a cheerful little ditty that is now the inspiration of the fourth hell!Buffy story. I think that story will be more along the lines of LS in length, but it definitely won’t be a filler story. I have also twisted this cheerful ditty into something not so cheerful or ditty—whatever the hell ditty means.

Magic Penny – Faust, Buffy’s 18th birthday, Castiel and the Watchers Council. It should make for fun and bloody times.

I kinda love when I hear a song and it just perfectly maps out a story in my head. It makes me all sorts of excited and such which means I really need to finish Morning Glory so I can start on it. Speaking of Morning Glory I did manage to get a scene written and I think Faith has come back to me. I think.