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Drabble: Steady Pulse

Title: Steady Pulse
Word Count: 437
Table Progress: 3/100
Prompt: #40 Birth
Disclaimer: I do not own these character and I am making no profit from the use of them.
Synopsis: “Regenerate: Brings dead cells back to life”

Steady Pulse:
The first thing she remembered was the beat of her heart. The steady pulse that filled her thoughts, the feel of it throbbing in her chest as she pulled herself free of the dark and back into the present.
Her jaw ached and she blinked against the sudden onslaught of water making her vision blurred, distorted. She bit down, cracked the plastic cylinder straining to keep her mouth open and lungs filled with air. Bubbles invaded her water filled world, snaked around her head, danced upwards to the top of the tank. She shuddered, spine arching against the forced fetal position. The metal groaned, bent and suddenly the weightless support of the water began to recede. Left her floundering in the cold air, arms pushing out to help hold her up, fingers splayed across wet glass.
Her enclosure opened and she slid onto her side, yanking the plastic from her mouth and gagged on the plastic tube lodged down her esophagus. Hands grasped her wrists, pulled them aside as more helped to hold her still and gently removed the intrusion.
She coughed, gasping and turned her confusion upward, focusing on a pair of blue eyes as they watched her, curious and amused. His mouth opened, revealing slightly crooked teeth and he touched the side of her face. Pushed back the wet hair, traced fingers down the column of her throat and over the slope of her shoulder. His hand wrapped around her bicep, grip firm as pulled her up, helped her to sit forward.
Her mouth opened in response to his greeting, lips puckering but no sound came forth. His free hand cupped her cheek and he smiled, eyes scanning over every exposed inch as he hushed her.
“It’s alright, no need to speak just yet.”
Her brows drew down with the condescension laced words and her lips parted, “Hel-lo.”
His eyes widened. “Very good.” He smirked as her head cocked. “What is your name?”
“Na-name?” She shivered and Dr. Isaacs shrugged out of his lab coat and tucked it around her. Green eyes narrowed, watchful. Studying him and his mannerisms as he ignored his staffs’ excited chatter and continued to strive to make a connection.
“My name is Samuel.” Her eyes lightened with recognition of the words meaning as he asked her again, “What is your name?”
Her mouth opened and she paused, gaze shifting past him as she struggled with the question. Frustration crawled its way across her features and she turned to look at Dr. Isaacs blankly.
Her first memory was of the beat of her heart, the steady pulse and nothing more. 
The End.
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ooh, not good for Buffy. Not being able to remember who she is.

This was a gorgeous descriptive piece. *shudder* To wake up like that, so confused. Poor Buffy. :(
I've come to the conclusion that this series is going to much darker and less action packed (at least the first 50 anyway) than I had anticipated. *shrugs* My muse is a fickle thing.
She's going to have it rough...of course since she doesn't remember who she is at the moment its not going to be as hard on her.

Plus I think I finally have a title for this series so I can post it on TtH. I had to reread Alice in Wonderland (not a hardship mind you) to come up with it but fingers crossed.