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So I finished the final scene in the sequel to Here be Dragons and upon rereading I realized I need another scene between the last two scenes to better establish Derek's relationship with the two Slayers. I'm leaning towards the night the Slayers and the Reese boys branded themselves as Connor's dragons. I really want to write Kyle again and it'd be fun to see if he's still a little terrified of Buffy and if he knows Derek has a crush on Faith. 

I also finished the next chapter in 'I'd Rather be Famous' which hasn't been touched in far, far too long. *sigh* I have too many Stargate WIPs and I need to buckle down and complete those one day, but SPN still has a firm grasp of my muse and I don't see it letting up anytime in the near future. I do so love how damaged I get to make Buffy when crossing with that particular fandom. 

Speaking of SPN I have also started the plotting on the Pike and Sam story that's been bouncing around my brain and figuring out the nuances of my version of Pike and how similar and different he is from the movie'verse. Should be interesting and now I'm off to bed because the gym kicked my lily white ass this afternoon. I need a partner that isn't so damn encouraging because my arms feel like they are about to fall off. 

Oh and is anyone else watching Covert Affairs? Cause I'm kinda digging this new USA show.