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Thank you!

 So I forgot to thank those that nominated me for the CoAs. I’m super proud of how Oleander Wine turned out and it was nominated for two awards! I think that’s spiff’tatstic and I’m excited that it was nominated for best Supernatural when it really only features one SPN character, but rather incorporates the events of some episodes. *beams*

I had a few more nods for best villain, other character and het (pairing), who doesn't love some Buffy/Daniel, which are lovely and I appreciate them and thank you to whoever nominated one of my Burn Notice stories. I had fun writing those so it’s just a treat to learn they were well received enough to be nominated.

I’d also like to point out that Dana was nominated for best fanart for one of the manipulations she created for the Miles to Go’verse and if you’re so inclined you might want to check out her poster collection, Fanfiction Posters by Chosen Art, on TtH and leave a review or three. That collection is filled with gems and I’m not just saying that because she makes artwork for me stories. *winks* She really is a’freakin’mazing with photoshop.
I was a bit of a voting whore with your stories.

Voted for; Best Portrayal of a Villain: Same Coin, Different Side: Same Coin, Different Side, Best Portrayal of Buffy: Oleander Wine, Best Portrayal of Angel/Angelus: Stillest Nights, Best Portrayal of Other Character: Many a Mile, Best Stargate Crossover: Wayward Angel and Best Supernatural Crossover: Oleander Wine.

Now that I see all the stories of yours I voted for... I feel like such a stalker. Lol.
*blushes* Ah crap and now I'm all smiles.

I see nothing stalker-ish. You just have good taste. *winks* No, seriously, thank you and I greatly appreciate it, but usually I'm just floored to be nominated.

Though Best Stargate: Wayward Angel is actually Polgara's and she's awesome so continue to vote for her. And check out Dana's artwork. It's worth a look/see. :)
Whoops my bad. Must have misread when I was looking up the stories I voted for.

Yeah Dana's work is really good. I have most of her artwork on watch. :)