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 So I just signed up for the syfybigbang and I'm still not sure if I'm crazy or just glutton for punishment. Ah, hell.
Well, Daniel Jackson will be one of the four lead characters, if not the lead, lead character, and I'm using the Stargate mythos to create the Riverworld. Granted that Riverworld is it's own fandom but the meddlesome (and lack thereof) of their higher beings meshes nicely with the Ancients/Ascended of the Stargate fandom.

ahel might work for what this particular story will do to me and my muse. Only time will tell. :)
That would be Waterworld you are thinking of and no, it has nothing to do with Riverworld.

Riverworld was a series of books written by Philip Jose Farmer and has been made into two made for television mini-series by SyFy. I much prefer the books.