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Just finished re-watching Malleus Maleficarum and I've said once and I'll say it again, but I much prefer Katie Cassidy's version of Ruby to Genevieve Cortese. Cassidy brought a toughness to the character that Cortese lacked which mean we lost another one of the already few strong female roles that Supernatural had to offer. It's not that I didn't like Cortese, but what she and Kripke did to the character still grates and to be truthful I hold Kripke more accountable then Cortese. He cast her and he directed her more then once, but I suppose that's what he wanted for the character. Sigh.

As for the reason I watched Malleus Maleficarum again this particular episode leads into another scene for the demon'verse story I'm working on which means I only have four more scenes to write and it should be done. It's at about 7400 words and I think it will end somewhere between 12000 and 15000. I also kinda like that for most of the story the reader is in the dark on who the lead is... even though it's a bitch to write for a character that has no name. azraelz_angel has been super kind with the hand holding and listening to my bitch fits even if she thinks I'm overreacting most of the time. I can't help it. I don't want to write crap. 

The newest chapter of 'The Grace of Fate' is complete, but I'm considering not posting anything new until I have it finished. Of course that would require my muse actually doing what I tell it for a change. Not likely. 
I feel the same way about the Cassidy/Cortse debate. I think part of the problem was the direction they knew they were planning on taking Ruby, so I think they felt that needed to make her a little more human. The whole sex with Sam thing before we found out about the blood-drinking, for example.

I still, to this day, don't think they would have gone that way with Ruby had they kept Cassidy in the role. Ruby wasn't exactly all sweetness and light in S3, but it was clear, at least then, that she was on the boys' side. I don't think fans would have accepted her sudden switching of teams if she was still in the blonde-girl body. There needed to be as drastic a change to her appearance as there was to her personality, and while I really do wish Cassidy had kept the role, I think they succeeded in what they set out to do.
Well according to interviews Kripke would have kept Cassidy if it weren't for budget cuts. Apparently she cost too much. I personally think Cassidy could have pulled off season four Ruby and still had that undercurrent of strength that Cortese lacked. Cortese just didn't have the pull that some actors have that force you to notice them. She might someday, but alas it didn't happen on SPN.

I think it was the 'I Know What You did Last Summer' that was the final nail in the season three Ruby coffin for me because the actress that played briefly in the middle of the episode gave us a brief glimpse of the old Ruby, the strong Ruby. Perhaps after getting kicked out of the secretary was what pushed Ruby into being timid, but I honestly doubt the writers put that much thought into it.

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When I first heard KC was out as Ruby, I didn't think I'd miss her but you're right - she did bring a toughness and credibility to the character that I just didn't get out of GC's portrayal.

Also: More 'The Grace of Fate' = me clapping and generally being \o/

I liked Cassidy's portrayal of Ruby from the beginning so I'm sure that skews my views on Cortese, but I still think my views valid.

The Grace of Fate might see more updates in the future.