Oh, I love that vid. Most of what those girls make is awesome, but this especially bittersweet. Poor boys.

And there is very little that tops Immogen Heap.

Now only if words could be that pretty...
It's a pretty spiff'tastic vid which is why I shared the love with the F-List. :)

I had never heard Immogen Heap until this song and now I am curious as to the rest of their music. Though I'm definitely a rock girl at heart and Perfect Circle tends to be the music I turn to most while writing.
Immogen Heap used to be singer of Frou Frou. She made some stuff with David Gilmour. Basically, she's made of awesome with a voice that manages to make old songs new. But that's just me and I have a weird taste in music. I fluctuate between rock and the whiniest kind of indie there is.