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Update on thee writings.

I’m currently 11000 words into the demon’verse story and it has the tentative title of ‘Nature of the Beast’ and it is a response to one of BuffyCharmed’s challenges on TtH. I’m not posting a link to the challenge because I think it will spoil the story if you know who the lead is right off the bat. And the lead still doesn’t have a name, but she will by the end dammit, but now that I’ve hit the Winchester parts, and I can use their point of views, the writing is getting easier and flowing better. Thank goodness. Here’s to hoping the beta thinks I got Dean’s voice right.

I’ve started plotting ‘Magic Penny’ today, which is the sequel to ‘Morning Glory’ and while that isn’t actual writing for said series it is a good thing that my muse is heading back to it. I do know that I have to finish and post the Pike’centric story before ‘Magic Penny’ because he’s going to be reference to by Sam when he sees a picture of Pike and Buffy in the Summers’ home. Now why Sam is in the Summers’ home is something you’ll have to wait and see on. ;)

The third story in the Lucifer!Buffy series is slow coming, which is okay because I wouldn’t be able to post it until after the COAs anyways, but I have figured out that it’ll be from Anya’s perspective and one of the Scoobies aren’t going to survive the confrontation. Perhaps more? I haven’t decided just yet and I probably won’t before I start writing it. That series tends to write itself. I just point Lucifer towards a scene and let him have fun with it. I do have another song picked out for him to be singing (see previous vid post). It’s fun and creepy and now I can’t wait.

syfybigbang  story has had me rereading the Riverworld series and I have plans to watch the ninth season of Stargate again so I can fine tune my Daniel voice before starting with the writing. Daniel of season nine is a far cry from Daniel of season four, which is the season I’ve been currently re-watching. Season four has a lot of excellent Daniel’centric episodes and plus we get smexy future!Daniel in the yummy suit and adorable glasses. *nods*
Have I mentioned how excited I am for the Riverworld fic?

Everything else sounds amazing, and I'm really looking forward the next Lucifer!Buffy story.
Thank you. I am going to try to live up to expectations with the Riverworld story and Lucifer is tickling my brain. Should be fun times.

Sounds like you've got great hot pokers in that fire aka muse of yours. You know I'm bouncing for anything hellverse :) I'm definitely curious as to why Sam would be in the Summers home, and I'm also curious to know if this is the Sunnydale or LA home, since Joyce has moved back to Hank.

I'm a bit confused though, "Magic Penny" - is it a real sequel to "Morning Glory" or another minor story like the one with Sam and Pike etc?

When will the posting of Morning Glory be, btw? Getting itchy over here! :p

How have I missed that you're writing a Lucifer!Buffy series?????? And singing? Now I'm very intrigued!! :) Good luck with Anya's voice, it'll be very interesting to read from her perspective, a POV I've never checked out before, actually :)
Lets hope I don't burn myself. ;) Sam will be in Joyce and Hanks home and 'Magic Penny' will the fourth story in the series. It will be closer to 'Lapsang Souchong' in length, but it's less filler and more establishing Faust's place in Buffy's new life. Should be fun times.

I'm currently pushing at a brick wall creatively with 'Morning Glory' and since my frustration was leading to me writing 2K and then trashing it every other night I decided to take a break and let my muse work on the demon'verse. I could post snippet to hold you over if you'd like. Perhaps the opening scene?

I shall link below to the Lucifer!Buffy series. Anya is going to be a tough cookie to pin down. I like her, but her manner of speaking and thought process is pretty distinct so here's to hoping I get it right. :)

So the demon'verse stories aren't Buffy centric?

I'm really looking forard to the Pike centric story. I was always so let down that they never carried him over to the tv series... well except in the Origins comics and in one of the books, but still he would have been an interesting character.

But the thing I'm most excited about is Faust. I have no words to discribe my excitement. :)

When will these be up? An estimate?
So the demon'verse stories aren't Buffy centric?

They are a BtVS character'centric, but they are a Supernatural'verse demon and because of how long they spent in hell their memories of being human just ain't what they use to be. In other words they don't know their own name. I'm not saying which character because the reader should know who the character is by the end of the first story and by the end of the second it will be confirmed.

I couldn't stand Pike in the movie, I have a small aversion to Luke Perry, so I didn't mind the lack of him and Xander more then filled his role. Now the Pike from the Origin comics I liked and that's what I'm bringing him into the series.

There's no real estimate because I no longer starting posting new stories before they are completed. The demon'verse will hopefully be up sometime in October and since I signed up for the syfybigbang 'Morning Glory' will be placed on the back burner, unless it forces me to write, until I have completed the big bang.

I have the same feeling about Pike in the movie. Overall the movie sucked. Origins put it nicely back into place.

Ah, that sounds really cool. Can't wait to see who they are. :)
Origins and the Dark Horse 'pre-show' comics were just fun times all around I think.

Here's to hoping it turns out right. :)