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Wishlist 2010

Apparently if my LJ friends jumped off a bridge I'd cheerfully follow them over. I blame pprfaith  for starting this madness and polgara_5 for nudging me because I nudged her. Sigh.

Wishlist 2010

***Edit - I am now closed for prompts. Thank you to the 24 that participated.***

- I accept the first twenty-four prompts I am given, regardless of who you are or if I know you.

- You give me characters/pairing, a fandom and a prompt.

- If I don't know the fandom you're requesting, your prompt doesn't count. If you want to check up on my fandoms, check out my body of work here

- Your prompts can be for a crossover or not. Either is fine. It can be a quote, an idea, a specific situation, but the more you give me, the more I have to work with. Throwing Dean/Faith, whatever at me is going to get you whatever.

- If you don't have an lj account, leave an anonymous comment, but make sure to sign it with a name (possibly your TtH name, if you're coming from that end.) If you do not sign with a name I will not use your prompt. 

- I answer the prompts in the order I like best and post them here and on TtH, one a day, starting 1st, Dec 2010.

Again, I need fandom, characters or pairings, prompt and your name.
MWHUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Is really not sure of the spelling*

I know you wouldn't be able to resist!!

And I'm totally saving a spot. *nods vigorously*
Alright, I've got it.

I want Buffy/Jack Harkness, but I want it seen through the eyes of the Doctor (10). "He supposed that the two of them was inevitable, but he hadn't been quite prepared for this."
(back story for would be awesome, but really: whatever)

thedogman @ tth
Oh goody! there's a spot still open. brb with my prompt

Dresden Files/Dark Angel

Father Anthony Forthill, Michael Carpenter / Case & Charlie Smith (Tinga's son & husband)

Father Forthill, with the help of Michael Carpenter help Charlie and Case go into hiding from Manticore. In a post-Pulse world, Charlie learns that Transgenics aren't the only secrets hidden from society at large.

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I don't know Dresden well enough to attempt a story. I've only gotten to book three so I'm unsure who you're even referring too.
I kind of love your banner. /aside/ We just started getting Burn Notice here in October, so yes, I'm still on season one, but I'm really enjoying it.

However, I shall resist the pretty of the pairing in favour of my favourite.

And the phone's ringing so I shall return later to post specifics.



I shall return after a brief ad brought to you by... um... yeah... my witty remark failed. :-(
BtVS/SPN, Buffy/Dean/Jo, No matter how subtle the wizard, a knife in the shoulder blades will seriously cramp his style.
This is me, gladly accepting any and all blame you decide to throw at me, provided I get fic out of it. :P

Because you write the dark stuff so well, I'd like to see Supernatural, Dean doesn't need that vision to figure out where Sam went. After all, he remembers Cold Oak perfectly.

Also, no-one is jumping off any bridges. Now excuse me while I go and dance my evil dance of glee some more.
I sat down to write this prompt today and found myself confused. Can you elaborate? I think I'm a smidgen slow as of late. :)
Stargate: SG1 / Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Daniel, "Falling in love is a lot like dying. You never get to do it enough to become good at it." "I beg to disagree."

Re: *pounces*
Sorry, but I don't write in the Dresden fandom. Please pick another prompt.
EEEP! got nervous when I saw "25 comments" thinking I'd lost the chance for a spot! *grabs my spot and clings to it* :D

Buffy/Dean(shocker, right?! *lol*)/Damon (Vampire Diaries)
Vamp!Dean and Damon, this can't be good for our Slayer.. but then she always had a thing for the undead ;)
Oh thank goodness! I thought I missed by chance!

Fandom: Buffy/Harry Potter

Paring: Buffy Summers/Regulus Black

No prompt in particular, but I would really like to see what you could do with this pairing. :)
Wishlist prompting...
Yay, this is fun! See you like Walking the show and am on issue 33 of the comics, only 45 to go.

How about Buffy/Burn Notice, another prompt:

"(508):awoke with 47 plastic lawn flamingos in my bed and on surrounding floor. explanation?

(1-508):you said they were your minions of evil that protected you from ferrets."
Re: Wishlist prompting...
Or this prompt,

"(850):Are they still out there making out on the couch? How can we get them to leave?

(850):I'm gonna go stand naked in the kitchen with a knife"

May be more Burn Notice appropriate. ;)
*bounces* I'm not too late, right?

Um, if I'm not...

Fandom: BtVS/SPN
Pairing: Buffy/Dean
Prompt: I'll sleep when I'm dead.