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Fic:She Ain't Heavy

Title :: She Ain’t Heavy
Rating :: FR13
Disclaimer :: Dark Angel and all related characters are copyright James Cameron, Cameron/Eglee Production and Twentieth Century Fox Network. No infringement intended. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and all related characters are copyright of Josh Friedman, Fox Television and James Cameron.

Prompt :: dharkapparition /Sarah Connor, Zack/Terminator:SCC, Dark Angel/ Post John's jump forward. The Pulse happens after the jump but doesn't stop the machines. Sarah somehow comes into contact with Zack and he decides to stick with her, using her as a cover and is eventually converted to her cause. With his help, they gather several of the other escapees to train and build and army for the resistance.

Note :: Sorry, but I couldn’t see the Pulse happening and the machines still taking over. So went a different route on that angle.

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