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 Series Title :: Soul Survivors
Actor :: Eliza Dushku
Fandoms :: BtVS, LOST
Challenge :: #105 – movie titles @ tthdrabbles 
Disclaimer :: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended. LOST and all related characters are copyright of J.J. Abrams, ABC Studios and Robot Studio. No infringement intended.

Title :: The Killing Jar
Actor :: Amber Benson
Word Count :: 100

Green eyes narrowed on the small crate being taken further from her sight and protection to be loaded with the rest of their checked luggage. Buffy knew it was next to impossible to sneak the canopic jar into her carryon and since she had no intention of taking a freighter back to the States she was forced, with Giles’ permission, to check the artifact.

With a sigh and shrug she turned to her traveling companion, and current shadow, and asked, “So what flight are we on again?”

Brown eyes narrowed before Illyria’s head cocked and she replied, “Oceanic Flight 815.”

Title :: A Prayer for the Dying
Actor :: Anthony Stewart Head
Word Count ::200

Gravity drew the construct, her Qwa’ha Xhan referred to as an airplane, towards the planet’s surface at a velocity that would fracture its metallic shell. The inadequate seating beneath her shuddered and the oval opening to her left cracked, fracturing the material and sending her hair, brown and curled as the shell had worn it, twisting around her head.

A plastic contraption dropped from the ceiling of the craft to dangle and hiss at her as if it were some unruly serpent. She turned, watched as the Slayer, the Little Queen, placed it over her mouth and simply breathed. Green eyes caught her own and they flinched when a groaning overrode all other sound and the hull tore with a metallic shriek that reminded her of the prey she’d hunted once, long ago, when the Earth was her own.

Whispers filled her and Illyria’s head turned, brown eyes crystalizing to blue as she gazed across the narrow aisle to the seating beside them. A woman sat, her head was low, eyes shut tight and while the language she spoke was foreign to her perception Illyria understood prayer, its power.

A grating thing prayer. Words held much power in these days.

Title :: Against the Current
Actor :: Michelle Trachtenberg
Word :: 100

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink—or air to breathe.

She hates drowning; the burning of her lungs and the heavy feeling in her chest. Drowning is painful and desperate and the piece of metal, which had once been part of the seat, sticking into her side wasn’t helping matters.

It was making matters worse and had her pondering sharks. Sharks. In the middle of a freaking plane crash and she’s thinking sharks. Her oxygen depleted brain was losing it.

Illyria was suddenly beside her, ripping the seating away and drawing her forward.

The shark had come.

Title :: Removal
Actor :: Emma Caulfield
Word Count ::200

Metal. The pressure of great depths. These things were not a hindrance to Illyria as she reached out and grasped the section of hull that had bent around her form on impact. It folded beneath her fingers and she pushed outward, the metal warming beneath her touch from friction of the movement and bubbles escaped from trapped pockets of air.

They snaked their way upward, lifting towards the light of the sun that could be seen through the opaque surface of the water. The remnants of the airplane vibrated, sinking further away from that surface and Illyria freed herself of the twisted metal before moving to her ailing Qwa’ha Xhan.

Blood filled the swirling water between them and Illyria caught the Slayer’s vacant gaze before she slumped, the fight leaving her as more bubbles expelled from her mouth. Pale fingers wound around the metal rod protruding from her side and Illyria yanked, freed it and more blood before she snapped the seatbelt with a twisting of her wrist.

She dragged the fragile body forward, closer to her own and kicked, pushing the sinking contraption deeper and propelling them closer to the surface as the heart beating against her chest slowed.

Title :: Pyscho Beach Party
Actor :: Nicholas Brendon
Word Count :: 200


He needed a pen.

Boone moved through the people, eyes wide and frantic and searching every bit of wreckage and survivor he came across. The doctor told him he needed a pen—he was pretty sure the guy was a doctor. He knew a lot.

Boone spun in a circle, taking in the crying, the screaming, the smoldering metal and the vast expanse of beach. He was surrounded by people and no one had a goddamned pen. Boone stopped, stared up the beach twenty yards away and the woman effortlessly carrying another woman from the surf.

The carried woman was unmoving and he saw blood and a purse and his first thought was of the pen before the urge to do good, right pushed him forward and around the other survivors. He reached them as the other woman was dropping to her knees and placing the still unmoving woman onto the damp sand.

“What happened?” He flinched at his own stupidity and changed his question, “What’s wrong?”

Brown eyes stared at him and Boone swallowed under the scrutiny before the woman spoke, voice oddly detached, “Her heart beats. There is no breath.”

“I can help. I-I can.”

“Then do so.”

Title :: I’ll Be Here
Actor :: Anthony Stewart Head
Word Count :: 200

The silent intensity of the woman staring at him across the still form of the person he was trying to save was creeping the hell out of him. Though he was sure he’d be doing something similar if their roles were reversed and someone was working on Shannon in front of him.

He focused on the wounded woman and tilted her head back, remembered the ‘maybe’ doctor’s words and pushed it back farther before pinching her nose and covering her lips with his mouth. He directed his gaze towards her chest and watched it rise with his first two attempts. The urge to cheer was there, but he quelled it and continued breathing for the woman until she coughed, expelling water from her mouth and lungs all over his face.

He grinned, he couldn’t help it, and looked to her companion before stating, “She needs a doctor.” The woman’s head lifted, her brows drawn low and Boone explained, “She’s wounded,” he dropped his gaze to the spreading red stain in the sand beneath them.

“You will remain with her.”

Boone’s eyes widened with the order and he looked up, only to frown at the now vacant spot across from him.

Title :: King of the Hill
Actor :: Amber Benson
Word Count :: 100

The sound of the ocean was calming, as it always was to him, and Jacob studied the names carved into the stone. Callused fingertips traced the name Reyes before he crouched, taking a stone from the cave ground and pressed it to the wall before him.

With slow, precise movements he scored through the name Burkle, his mouth set in a grim line as he recalled the brilliant child whom he’d watched for so long. She’d been replaced, by something other, something similar to his brother and yet more.

Jacob moved to a free space and sighed before adding Summers.