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Sneak Peek

Title :: Owe for the Flesh
Synopsis :: All those that died on Earth have found themselves resurrected—healthy, young and naked as newborns—on the banks of a river, in a world unknown. Daniel Jackson should really be use to this kind of thing by now.

Consciousness came to him slowly, in spurts of sensation and knowledge. Muffled sounds turned his head. Light drew him out the nothingness, the darkness that had held him. Warmth and a feather-light pressure over his entire body held Daniel upright and weightless as he slowly came back to himself and blue eyes opened to a blurred world. The muted light burned and Daniel turned away from it, felt the mask he wore shift and the gelatinous fluid that covered his nude form slipped in to fill his incredibly dry mouth.

He gagged, arms flailing before one found purchase on the smooth surface in front of him and he used the other to reposition the mask back over his nose and mouth. He inhaled, once, twice—noticing vaguely that it no longer hurt to do so—before the panic subsided and he was aware enough to lean forward, push through the suffocating, not weightless as he’d first believed, fluid to stare through the diaphanous surface in front of him. Confusion turned his stomach and he blinked, willing away the fluid that blurred his vision as he stared out at the dimly lit room just beyond the box he’d woken in.

Smooth lines and subdued colors filled the world outside his resurrection chamber, and it had resurrected him, much like a Goa’uld sarcophagus and Daniel had the sudden fear his team had brought his plague ridden body to one of the old Goa’uld controlled planets in the hopes of saving him, only to damn him in the process. The plague the Ori had infected Earth and countless other planets with had quickly spiraled into a pandemic that spread across the universe and Daniel had died before a cure could be found.

He had died. He’d felt it. The coldness. The pain. It had been the radiation sickness all over again, but without the aid of an ascended being there to guide him through his final moments.

Death had come and there had been nothing. No Oma, no ascension, no second chances, only darkness and nothingness and now he was alive and now there was light. His brows dropped as he noticed it flicker to life across from him, bring another chamber into focus with another form filling it. He felt his skin grow cold as Daniel tilted his chin back and watched more lights burn their way through the shadows above him and he realized the room rose high into that darkness.

He was unsure how far, how immeasurably far, up the room went.

Chambers, hundreds, if not thousands, of them, spanned the walls of this circular room and the soft light filling his own chamber burned brighter and Daniel flinched, pushing himself back from the transparent surface in front of him to huddle against the hard wall behind him. His heart thudded inside his chest, brought the knowledge that his body was whole and healed now and so much stronger then it had felt the months prior to his death. The months in which he and his team had scoured the universe in search of a cure, of hope, only to come up empty handed or against a Prior every trip through the gate.

The fluid surrounding his nude form lost its warmth as a vibration filled his world, shook his chamber and he heard a metallic hissing before the fluid began to recede. It slipped over and away from him and once again he was flailing and then he was falling, bare feet impacting the smooth surface beneath him. He slipped, the jarring impact only faintly felt as he struggled to remain upright and Daniel blinked, vision clearing. Blue eyes widened and he took a step forward, the pounding in his chest increasing as he pressed his hands to the now chilled surface that stood between him and the world outside as he saw past the chamber to his right and noticed a low archway.

Beyond that archway lay another room, with more chambers filling with light and spiraling upward. Daniel turned his study back to the room he was in and his stomach twisted, his unease deepening as he failed to recognize anything beyond his chamber. There were no markings, no distinguishing architecture that told who, or more precisely, what was behind the resurrection of so many humans. Humanity had too many allies, too many enemies that could be responsible or held accountable. He watched more lights burn to life in the darkness and within those lights were more people, all nude, all hairless, all of them incredibly young.

Daniel lifted his hand, laid a gentle palm over his head and felt the smoothness of his scalp, the slick fluid that still covered him as he noticed that no other person was awake. He was very much alone. Alone in his discovery and in this new, unknown situation and the hand holding his head slipped down as a heaviness filled his limbs. Daniel swayed, falling back against the hard surface behind him as he slid down it. His vision tunneled and he blinked, giving his head a slight shake as the hissing slipped upward to crowd his thoughts and the fingers of his right hand flexed as he willed them to lift and remove the mask from his face. The mask he was certain was filling his body with the sudden urge to sleep, to slip away.

His head lulled to the side and once again he was surrounded by nothingness, surrounded by darkness.

Oh this looks good, I'm glad to see you writing again and I'm really looking forward to reading more of this.
No you won't. I haven't watched any of the movies. I will be using the book series and meshing them with the Stargate mythos. All you'll need to know is what's stated in the synopsis.
*bounces* Yay! Ficcage preview!!

Yup, intrigued. Definitely intrigued and looking forward to more!

And this is the Riverworld fic you've been churning around for a while, right?

Oh, and hi!! *hugs*