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 I don't watch True Blood, (I've attempted, but I read the book series first and just can't get into the show.) but for some reason I can see Alexander Skarsgård as Edward from the Anita Blake series. There's something about him that just screams assassin I guess :)

When I finally get around to crossing Wish!Buffy with ABVH I'll definitely keep him in mind while writing it. 
Wouldn't he!? I'm all sorts of inspired now and need to reread all the Edward'centric books.
Yeah, tried to watch the series as well and couldn't get into it. Books are much better. I tried to get the boss lady to read the books, but ironically, she has watched the show and now can't get into the books. *headdesk*

But crossing Wish!Buffy with ABVH and Alexander as Edward? This is why you are made of awesomeness!
One of my friends watched the show first and I got her on the books. She likes both series but for different reasons and I wholly support her reasoning as long as she likes the books. ;)

I like Wish!Buffy, possibly more then regular Buffy, and I think she'd be a nifty character to place in the ABVH world. Especially with Edward.