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Deep Thoughts by Ava

 I came. I saw. I liked it.

There were some disappointments, unfortunately. January Jones as Emma Frost, which I found surprising because I adore her on Mad Men, but she’s a very stiff actress and matriarchal to boot and while that works just fine for Betty Francis it didn’t translate to Emma Frost. The White Queen is a lot of things but stiff and matriarchal are definitely not her and I do so adore her character. Plus I disliked the use of her diamond form since that’s a mutation that happens later in her life. *grumbles*

The bromance between Erik and Charles, while expected, was a nifty thing to actually see. I liked the development between these two characters and the obvious affection they share(d) for one another. Plus getting to see Charles as a reckless twenty-something was very fun.

Michael Fassbender was pretty brilliant as Erik. He brought a humanity to the character that was lacking the first two X-Men films and I greatly enjoyed that character’s story arch. He was charismatic, brilliant and so very flawed as Magneto should be.

I was not terribly thrilled with Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal of Raven, but I think that had more to do with the character’s storyline rather than the actress. I think she did the best with what was handed to her and it wasn’t much which I found terribly odd since she was one of the leads. *shakes head* It’s a shame really.

All and all I give it a thumbs up. Not two thumbs up, but one. It’s not Thor, but it is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous X-Men efforts brought to the big screen.